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About Delighted's CSAT surveys for Catalyst

Catalyst taps into Delighted's pre-built CSAT surveys — allowing a seamless automation of your Catalyst CSAT campaigns.

With Delighted's proven CX projects, you'll gather valid and reliable feedback without the hassle. Soon you'll be analyzing and acting on the results within your preferred environment — Catalyst.

Setting up a Delighted CSAT survey project

There are 5 simple steps to stand up a Delighted CSAT survey for Catalyst:

If you're in the mood for a little popcorn, watch this short video and see how the 5 steps fit together — or skip the video and simply keep reading! Video note: the "Survey people" button atop Delighted is now called "Edit and Send." (Trust us, it's a much better name.)

Let's walk through the 5 steps!

As you read along you'll see links to detailed Help Center articles should you need them. For example — if you liked the video above, catch our other Core Training videos. They're fast, informative, and commercial free.

To stand up your Delighted CSAT-Catalyst project:

Select “Create a new project” → from the Projects menu
Select a Survey type → (ex. CSAT)

NPS, 5-Star, CES, PMF, eNPS, Thumbs, and Smileys survey types are part of our pre-built CX projects suite

Pick a distribution platform → (ex. "Email")  → by selecting "Set up" 


Customize → by adding your brand/product name, color scheme, and logo

If you need more info on customization, skip to our detailed article —  Email Platform Customization.

Click "Next: Import people" → and start sending your survey to your participants (Head to the next bit: Sending to your people from the Email platform)

Connecting Delighted CSAT survey projects to Catalyst

While Catalyst and Delighted are independent platforms, they work together to seamlessly automate and report out your CSAT survey results — so you can sit back, sip your coffee, and enjoy monitoring your CSAT!

How it works . . .
Delighted connects with Catalyst using respective Salesforce integrations. Delighted can then automatically trigger CSAT Surveys and sync them into Salesforce under the contact record — Catalyst can instantly grab the CSAT data and update the desired fields. 

For more info, review this Catalyst Salesforce integration article and our Delighted's Salesforce Integration page.  If you need more help, speak to your Catalyst Success representative. (Link to the Catalyst Success Line to get the discussion going.)  

Sending to your people from the Email platform

Delighted automatically embeds the first question in your email, ensuring a frictionless and intuitive survey experience for your recipients  — on both desktop and mobile devices.

One-time vs Autopilot sends?

There are two options for the Email platform. Get the details by following these links:

1 One-time Surveys can be sent immediately or scheduled for sending in the future with the  One-time survey feature
2 Autopilot Repeating or recurring surveys can be scheduled with the  Autopilot feature

Combine One-time and Autopilot sends to set initial benchmarks

You can mix both sending options by sending your email survey to all of your recipients immediately with a One-time send, and then dropping them into Autopilot for future, follow-up CSAT data collection. 

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Links to 10 more things . . .

. . . you can do with your CSAT project
1 Engage with your Dashboard's Trends and filtering
2 Add Additional questions
3 Test and preview you surveys.
4 Update your Customization: text, email addresses, logo, colors
5 Send Email Reminders
6 See who has bounced or unsubscribed
7 Refine Thank You Pages
8 Seek Testimonials
9 Analyze Reports: Over Time, Snapshot, Pivot Table, Additional Questions, NPS Benchmarks
10 Translate your Survey projects

Suggested next article: The Embed Platform: Embedding Surveys in your Emails.

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