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Overview of the Additional questions report

Delighted’s Additional questions report provides insight into the responses you receive to your Additional Questions with easy-to-understand visualizations, allowing you to quickly understand this deeper context and act on it to improve your customer experience.

Don’t have any Additional Questions to analyze? Learn more about this feature in our Additional Questions article!

Premium reports

The Additional questions report is a Premium report option. As a result, only specific plan levels have access to this report. For more information, visit our Pricing page.

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Visualizations in the Additional questions report

Once you’ve set up one or multiple Additional questions, your Additional questions report will automatically populate with graphs for each question.

Each “Scale,” “Select one option,” and “Select many options” question that you set up will have a dedicated bar graph. This graph will display each of your answer choices, along with the count and percentage of respondents who have selected that answer choice, with the most popular answer choice listed at the top. If you’ve included an “Other” answer choice, that will be listed at the bottom of the answer choice list.

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Filtering the Additional questions report

Use the two drop-down filters at the top of the report to adjust the data shown based on specific time frames (ex. last quarter, last year, or a custom range), as well as based on any Trends you’ve created.

A note about date filters

Filtering your report by date will filter feedback based on when the response was submitted, not based on when the survey was originally sent. This is different than in the Metrics tab, which filters engagement data based on when you send your surveys.

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Exporting the Additional questions report

To export the data in your Additional questions report, click the Export as CSV button on the top right-hand corner of the report. This will export a CSV file with the question ID and text for each question, the answer choices, and the count of responses.

Currently, there is not a way to export a PDF of the Additional questions report. We recommend taking a screenshot of the page to share with your team!

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Use case: When should I use the Additional questions report?

Any time you add a scale, multiple choice, or multiple select Additional question to your survey flow, you should be using the Additional questions report! This report is perfect for more frequent, granular reviews of your survey results, as well as for longer-term trend and root cause analysis.

When adding Additional questions, consider what kind of insights you’re looking for with each. Then, as data rolls in, use the Additional questions report to hone in on those insights!

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I added Additional questions, but I don’t see any graphs. What’s going on?

The Additional questions report will only generate graphs for scale, “Select one option,” and “Select many options” questions. If you’ve set up a free response question, this will not generate a graph in the report!

If you have set up one of the above question types and you’re still not seeing a graph, make sure that your questions are published.

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