Getting started

New to Delighted? Check out these FAQs for tips on hitting the ground running

1 article


Route Delighted feedback into tools you already use

16 articles


Learn how to fine-tune your Delighted survey experience and branding

9 articles


Explore several best practices for sending out your surveys

14 articles

Receiving feedback

Learn more about receiving feedback and closing the loop with customers

12 articles

Reports & analytics

Analyze your feedback with a number of key Delighted features

9 articles

NPS (The methodology)

Background on the Net Promoter® Score and some of its key components

8 articles

Security and privacy

Details on Delighted's policies regarding security, privacy, and terms of service

7 articles

Account and billing

Learn how to access all major admin features - from billing to user invitations

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Getting the most out of Delighted

Key insight into how to ramp up your survey program with Delighted

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New user guide

New to Delighted? Get oriented quickly with this guide!

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​Surveying fundamentals

Fine-tune your sending with this guide – covering best practices for surveying

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​Segmenting feedback

Learn how to pass customer data our way, as well as segment your feedback

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Thank you page guide

Leverage your Promoters' enthusiasm, and contain the fallout from Detractors

5 articles

Autopilot guide

Best practices for getting started with, as well as managing, Autopilot

5 articles

Closing the loop

Learn how to develop a solid process for following up with your customers

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Transitioning to API

Automating your sending process with Delighted's API

9 articles

Web platform guide

Everything you need to know for getting started with Delighted's Web platform

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Employee NPS

Leverage the best components of NPS for your employee surveys

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