Getting started

New to Delighted? Check out these FAQs for tips on hitting the ground running

2 articles


Route Delighted feedback into tools you already use

25 articles


Learn how to fine-tune your Delighted survey experience and branding

13 articles


Explore several best practices for sending out your surveys

19 articles

Receiving feedback

Learn more about receiving feedback and closing the loop with customers

16 articles


Create multiple CX surveys and manage them from one account.

12 articles

Reports & analytics

Analyze your feedback with a number of key Delighted features

16 articles

Security and privacy

Details on Delighted's policies regarding security, privacy, and terms of service

10 articles

Account and billing

Learn how to access all major admin features - from billing to user invitations

17 articles


Find your most vocal advocates, as well as detractors, with Net Promoter® Score

6 articles


Surface insight related to customer satisfaction levels with CSAT surveys

5 articles


Get a pulse on customer effort with CES surveys

5 articles


Roll-out simple, yet versatile, surveys with a 5-star scale

5 articles


Enable split-second feedback with a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down survey

5 articles


Easy-to-recognize emoticons that intuitively power quick feedback

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Additional questions

Layer in up to 10 additional questions in the survey flow

10 articles


Easily receive permission and share your best customer feedback

13 articles


Getting the most out of Delighted

Key insight into how to ramp up your survey program with Delighted

7 articles

Kiosk guide

Capture customer feedback at the point of experience with Delighted Kiosk

9 articles

QBR Guide

Get max value from your Delighted CX program by running regular QBRs

6 articles

New user guide

New to Delighted? Get oriented quickly with this guide!

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​Surveying fundamentals

Fine-tune your sending with this guide – covering best practices for surveying

6 articles

​Segmenting feedback

Learn how to pass customer data our way, as well as segment your feedback

7 articles

Special properties guide

Layer in personalization and dynamic content to your surveys

7 articles

Web platform guide

Everything you need to know for getting started with Delighted's Web platform

6 articles

SMS platform guide

Survey your customers via text with Delighted's SMS platform

6 articles

Salesforce integration guide

Sync Delighted responses and increase visibility of feedback in SFDC

8 articles

HubSpot integration guide

Sync Delighted feedback to your HubSpot CRM

7 articles

Thank you page guide

Leverage your Promoters' enthusiasm, and contain the fallout from Detractors

5 articles

Closing the loop

Learn how to develop a solid process for following up with your customers

6 articles

Trends guide

Track feedback and keywords over time with Trends

7 articles

Autopilot guide

Best practices for getting started with, as well as managing, Autopilot

6 articles

Transitioning to API

Automating your sending process with Delighted's API

9 articles

DNS guide

Send surveys from a domain more familiar to your customers

6 articles

Employee NPS

Leverage the best components of NPS for your employee surveys

5 articles