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Introducing Email customization

Initially, Templates will walk you through the setup of a new Template, enabling your setup with a set of default customizations. (See Setting up the Email platform.)

That said, you can always jump in and make high-value changes to your: 

Your starting point is the Customize appearance panel. Notice how quickly the initial survey question can be enhanced with a branded Logo and color scheme.

If you can think of it, you can probably change it. And to work through the possibilities, let's ask and answer a simple question:

What do you want to change?

  The elements you can change Where to make the edits
1 Brand or product name, Logo, the Top bar and Button text color schemes Basic customization: Click Survey people > Gear icon > Customize appearance > Basic customization
2 Initial metric question (overriding the wording of the default question) Question customization: Click Survey people > Gear icon > Customize appearance > Question customization
3 From name, Reply to email, Email subject line (Note: Send test emails from this panel) Email customization: Click Survey people > Gear icon > Customize appearance > Email customization
4 Intro message above the initial question, default Language  Advanced customization: Click Survey people > Gear icon > Customize appearance > Advanced customization
5 Comment question prompt (the open ended question that comes second in the survey flow) Comment page customization: Click Survey people > Gear icon > Customize appearance > Comment page customization
6 Thank you page (the screen that displays once the survey has been submitted. (Note: Use for post-survey redirects) Thank you page customization: Click Survey people > Gear icon > Customize Thank you message
7 Add, edit, and reorder up to 10 Additional questions (Note: Additional questions are added separately to each platform) Additional questions: Click Survey people > Gear icon > Configure additional questions
Don’t see a gear icon?

You won’t see a gear icon until after you set up the Email platform. Choose “Set up” on the Email platform tile and follow the on-screen instructions to run through the initial setup routine. (See Setting up the Email platform.)

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Viewing our Templates customization video

If you haven't viewed this short Core training video, give it a look! It's well worth a few minutes. Notice that we use:

  • Survey types as a synonym for Question types
  • Projects as a synonym for Templates

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Opening your Templates customization options

Return at any time to your customization options and edit your choices by:

Clicking "Survey people."
Opening the "Gear" icon in your platform tile.
Choosing "Customize appearance."

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  1. Basic customization.
  2. Question customization.
  3. Email customization.
  4. Advanced customization.
  5. Comment page customization.
  6. Thank you page customization.

1. Basic customization

Basic customization lets you make changes to your Template's:

We'll start by showing you how it's done, then dive into the details should you have questions. To make these changes: 

Click “Basic customization.”
Edit the “Brand/product name.”

Changes in this setting automatically changes the "Subject line" and "Title" of the email message. If you don't like the results, you can edit them later in the Email customization section.

Click “Update logo” to add an image or logo. Upload your image in either a PNG, JPG, or GIF file format. (See What format and file size should I use for logos? for details.)

Delighted will match the “Top bar” accent and score-point “Button text” colors to your logo. In this example black was applied automatically. You can edit these default color choices as explained in the next step.

Change the default “Top bar” and “Button text” colors.

Change the colors by clicking the down arrows and choosing a new color from the palette, say from black to orange. For more precision, enter your brand’s hex color code (ex. #EF5F1C). 

Brand/product name

If you use the default question, whatever you enter into the brand/product name box will be inserted into your question automatically. For example, NPS surveys will default to, "How likely are you to recommend [BRAND/PRODUCT NAME] to a friend?" This same brand/product name will also appear along the top of the Template if no logo is added.

But the default question may be off the mark. Basic customization is where you can change things up.

Can I dynamically customize my Email sends (Intro messages, Subject lines, Product names, and Thank you pages) on a per-person basis?

Check out our Special Properties section to learn how!

Upload a logo/image to appear directly above the survey question.

What format and file size should I use for logos or images?

Delighted accepts PNG, JPG, and GIF image file formats.

In general, upload a logo or image with the largest file size available to you.  We’ll compress your uploads to the appropriate file size for the Delighted format. However, if you're getting a spinning wheel when trying to upload your logo, try a smaller file.

Avoid uploading an image where any side is less than 300 pixels, or an image that has excessive white space above or below the primary logo or image. 

Top bar color

Change the color of the survey's top bar. Select your color from the color palette, or enter a specific hex code. Both options are found by clicking the down arrow in the color selection box. The bar color will be consistent through the entire survey experience, from your email all the way to the Thank you page.

Button text color

Change the color of the text used for the number scale. Select your color from the color palette or enter a specific hex code. Both options are found by clicking the down arrow in the color selection box.

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2. Question customization

Reword your question text as needed. Doing so overrides the default question based on the brand/product name. For example, if you are conducting an B2B survey, change the default survey question to something like,  "How likely are you to recommend our B2B services to a friend or a colleague?"

To edit your question: 

Click “Question customization.”
Reword the default question as required. 

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3. Email customization

Can I dynamically update the Email Subject line on an per-person basis?

Certainly. Check out our article on Special Properties to learn how!

Watch carefully as changes made in the Email customization panel instantly appear in the Desktop and Mobile preview sections to the right. 

To edit your email addresses: 

Click “Email customization.”
Edit the default “From name.” 

Adjust the name from which the email will appear in recipients' inboxes. If you stick with the default, this remains the same as the "Brand/product" name.

Edit the default “Reply to email” address.

Enter the email address where you want replies to the email to be sent. (By default, this is the email address of the account owner; but you may want it redirected elsewhere.)

Edit the default “Email subject” line.

Update the subject of the survey email. (The default subject message is the same as the default survey question.)

Ready to send a Test Email?

Jump to How can I send a test email? and we'll tell you all about it!

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4. Advanced customization

Survey language

Delighted CX supports translation to over three dozen languages. This translation will represent the default language of your survey, but you can always translate the survey dynamically using our Locale special property. Interested in learning more? Check out this article on translating your survey!

Intro message

The Intro message gives you an opportunity to share how you will use the feedback provided or prime respondents for how long (or short!) the survey will be. It can also be an effective way to set the tone of the survey, in your own brand’s voice.

Can I dynamically update the Intro message on a per-person basis?

Check out our article on Special Properties to learn how!

To change your Advanced settings:

Click “Advanced customization.”
Edit the “Survey language” settings as needed. 
Edit the default “Intro message.”

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5. Comment page customization

Comment prompt

Delighted Templates automatically include an open text question immediately following the initial survey question (ex. NPS, CES, CSAT, etc.) 

Use this customization section to modify the prompt for that page. By default, it will read: "Tell us a bit more about why you chose X". However, you can customize the prompt—as well as dynamically include the score from the prior question—by using the variable: {{ survey_response.score }}.

For example, if you wanted the comment for a score of 10 to read, "What made your experience a 10?" you'd set the comment prompt to "What made your experience a {{ survey_response.score }}?"

Skip the Comment question prompt

Prefer to skip directly to your Additional Questions? Not interested in collecting open-ended feedback? Whatever the reason, you can toggle this option for skipping the comment page. If selected, respondents will be automatically taken to either: 

Can I move the Comment question to follow my Additional questions?

It’s not possible to move the built-in Comment question prompt in the survey flow.

However, there is a workaround! Skip the Comment question prompt as explained above. Then create your Additional questions. When you are ready, create a "free response" type Additional question to replace the old Comment question prompt and insert it into your survey anywhere you like—first, last, or in the middle. (See Additional Questions for more details.)

You can also skip the Comment Prompt for specific score types, such as Promoters. To learn more, review our Special Properties page.

To edit your comment page:

Click “Comment page.”
Edit the “Comment prompt” text. 
Optional: you may choose "skip comment prompt" to eliminate the page altogether. Uncheck to restore the page.

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6. Thank you page customization

To reword your Thank you page (which is the message that appears after a recipient takes a survey):

Clicking on the "Survey people" button.
Clicking on the gear icon to the right of the platform in question.
Clicking "Customize thank you message."

Can I skip the Thank you page or use it to generate referrals?

Yes and yes!

Pop on over to Thank You Pages in our Help Center to learn about skipping the page and about all of the options connected to referrals.

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Adding, reordering, and editing Additional Questions

Additional questions may include up to 10 custom—yet optional—questions that will follow your initial survey question and comment prompt. Get started by:

Clicking “Survey people” at the top of the Dashboard.
Clicking on the gear icon to the right of the desired platform.
Clicking “Configure additional questions.”
On the following page, selecting a question type and customizing your question. You can also edit questions from the same section.

After you’ve finished adding or editing, click “Save question.”
Optional: Repeat for any other questions you’d like to add or edit.
After adding all desired questions, choose “Turn on” to go live with your Additional Questions.
Learn all about Additional Questions

Learn all about adding and editing Additional questions on the Additional questions page.

If you are new to Additional questions, be sure to catch the video in the introductory section. It's five minutes long and is guaranteed to give you a massive head start.

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How can I send a test email?

Send a test email to yourself or to a teammate. These emails will mimic the entire Template experience, but responses will not be recorded on the Dashboard.

Return to the Email customization section at any time and send a test email by:

Clicking "Survey people.
Opening the "Gear" icon in your platform tile.
Choosing "Customize appearance."
Clicking “Email customization.”
Scrolling down to the "Send a test email" section seen in the above image and entering an address!

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Can I remove the "Powered by Delighted" link?

Not currently.

We include the "Powered By Delighted" link as a trustmark, allowing your respondents to learn more about our survey platform and the security and privacy policies associated with the Delighted brand.

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Can I dynamically update my Email Intro messages, Subject lines, Product names, and Thank you pages on a per-person basis?

You can apply Special Properties to personalize your surveys—fine-tuning the content to keep it super relevant to each respondent. To wet your appetite, here is a short list of the Special Properties you can apply to your Email campaign:

  • Question Product Name: Updates the brand/product name in the score question (ex. “How likely are you to recommend [question product name] to a friend?” for NPS)
  • Delighted Intro Message: Updates the entire intro message in your survey
  • Delighted Email Subject: Updates the entire subject line for the survey email
  • Comment Page Prompt: Updates the prompt / header on the Comment Page
  • Comment Page Skip: Skips the Comment Page
  • Locale: Updates the translation of your survey

Jump to the Special Properties page in this Help Center to learn the details.

Special Properties for Thank you pages

The Thank you page can be updated for all respondents, or based on the score group. Here are the options:

  • Thank You Page Message: Updates the message on the Thank you page
  • Thank You Page Link URL: Updates the URL on the Thank you page will link to
  • Thank You Page Link URL Text: Updates the text used for the hyperlink on the Thank you page
  • Thank You Page Skip: Skips the Thank You page and redirects to the "Thank You Page Link"

For more information about the Thank you page Special Properties, read Thank you page Special Properties.

Other Special Properties for email surveys

If you’re considering sending surveys from your own email domain and would like to update the from name, from address, and/or the reply-to email address dynamically, send a note to our Customer Concierge team and we’ll provide you with the Special Property details to do so!

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