Email Platform Customization

Delighted’s Email platform can be customized to reflect your organization’s branding, color scheme, and styling. Aligning this customization with your brand voice increases your survey’s authenticity and readability, which can lead to improved response rates.

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Basic customization

Brand/product name

If you use the default question, your brand/product name will be inserted into your question automatically. For example, NPS surveys will default to, "How likely are you to recommend [BRAND/PRODUCT NAME] to a friend?" This same brand/product name will also appear along the top of the survey if no logo is added.

Interested in dynamically updating the brand/product name for each survey request? Check out our Special Properties section to learn how!


Upload a logo/image to appear directly above the survey question.

Top bar color

Change the color of the survey's top bar. Select your color from the color palette, or enter a specific hex code. Both options are found by clicking the down arrow in the color selection box. The bar color will be consistent through the entire survey experience, from your email all the way to the Thank you page.

Button color

Change the color of the text used for the number scale. Select your color from the color palette or enter a specific hex code. Both options are found by clicking the down arrow in the color selection box.

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Question customization


Reword your question text as needed. If this customization option is used, the brand/product name will not be inserted into your question text. For example, if you are conducting an B2B survey, you can change the survey question to,  "How likely are you to recommend our service to a friend or colleague?"

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Email customization

From name

Adjust the name from which the email will appear in recipients' inboxes. By default, this is the same as the brand/product name.

Reply to email

Change the email address to which replies to the survey email will be sent. By default, this is the email address of the account owner.

Email subject

Update the subject of the survey email. The default subject message is the same as the default survey question.

Interested in dynamically updating the email subject? Check out our article on Special Properties to learn how!

Send a test email

Send a test email to yourself or to a teammate. These emails will mimic the entire survey experience, but responses will not be recorded on the Dashboard.

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Advanced customization

Survey language

Delighted supports translation to over three dozen languages. This translation will represent the default language of your survey, but you can always translate the survey dynamically using our Locale special property. Interested in learning more? Check out this article on translating your survey!

Intro message

The Intro message gives you an opportunity to share how you will use the feedback provided or prime respondents for how long (or short!) the survey will be. It can also be an effective way to set the tone of the survey, in your own brand’s voice.

Interested in dynamically updating the Intro message on a per-person basis? Check out our article on Special Properties to learn how!

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Comment page

Comment prompt

Delighted automatically includes a free-form question immediately following the initial survey question (ex. NPS, CES, CSAT, etc.) 

Use this customization section to modify the prompt for that page. By default, it will read: "Tell us a bit more about why you chose X". However, you can customize the prompt, as well as dynamically include the score from the prior question by using the variable: {{ survey_response.score }}.

For example, if you wanted the comment for a score of 10 to read, "What made your experience a 10?" you'd set the comment prompt to "What made your experience a {{ survey_response.score }}?"

Skip comment prompt

Prefer to skip directly to your Additional Questions? Not interested in collecting open-ended feedback? Whatever the reason, you can toggle this option for skipping the comment page. If selected, respondents will be automatically taken to either: 

  1. Your Additional Questions (if you have them configured) or 
  2. Your Thank You Page (if no Additional Questions are set-up).

You can also skip the Comment Prompt for specific score types, such as Promoters. To learn more, check out Delighted's Special Properties.

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FAQs: Email customization

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Can I remove the "Powered by Delighted" link?

Not currently.

We include the "Powered By Delighted" link as a trustmark, allowing your respondents to learn more about our survey platform and the security and privacy policies associated with the Delighted brand.

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What format and file size should I use for logos or images?

Delighted accepts PNG, JPG, and GIF image file formats.

In general, upload a logo or image with the largest file size available to you.  We’ll compress your uploads to the appropriate file size for the Delighted format. 

Avoid uploading an image where any side is less than 300 pixels, or an image that has excessive white space above or below the primary logo or image. 

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