Special Properties

Special Properties are unique property fields that Delighted recognizes as requests to dynamically update survey elements on a per-request basis.  Delighted’s Special Properties offer an easy way to personalize your surveys—fine-tuning the content to keep it super relevant to each respondent.

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Special Properties overview

List of available Special Properties

  • Question Product Name: Updates the brand/product name in the score question (ex. “How likely are you to recommend [question product name] to a friend?” for NPS)
  • Delighted Intro Message: Updates the entire intro message in your survey
  • Delighted Email Subject: Updates the entire subject line for the survey email
  • Locale: Updates the translation of your survey
  • Thank You Page Message: Updates the message on the Thank you page
  • Thank You Page Link: Updates the URL on the Thank you page will link to
  • Thank You Page Link Text: Updates the text used for the hyperlink on the Thank you page
A note about the Thank you page Special Properties

The Thank you page can be updated for all respondents, or based on the score group. For more information about the Thank you page Special Properties, read Thank you page Special Properties below.

Other Special Properties for email surveys

If you’re considering sending surveys from your own email domain and would like to update the from name, from address, and/or the reply-to email address dynamically, send a note to our Customer Concierge team and we’ll provide you with the Special Property details to do so!

What Special Properties look like

Special Properties look exactly like normal properties—just with specific names! They don’t look any different than other properties that you pass.

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How Delighted recognizes Special Properties

Delighted recognizes Special Properties by their names. Each Special Property has specific naming conventions that must be followed when passing them depending on which platform you’re using—see details for each Special Property below.

If you are manually uploading a CSV/Excel file, Delighted will offer a small purple badge on the review page to confirm the special property has been recognized:

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Passing Special Properties to Delighted

Special properties are sent to Delighted in the exact same way as regular properties—either as: 

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Question Product Name

Passing the Question Product Name Special Property updates the brand/product name field of your survey question.

What it looks like as a property

  • CSV: Column header titled Question Product Name
  • API: properties[question_product_name]=Value
  • Web: { questionProductName: “Value” } 
  • Link: ...?questionProductName=Value
  • Kiosk: + Add property Question Product Name

Use case: Asking for feedback about specific products or locations

For transactional surveys, you’ll often find stronger engagement, more detailed comments, and clearer insight when you reference a specific product, store location, or other aspect of the interaction you’re surveying about.

Try layering in Question Product Name to help refresh the memory of those being surveyed, referencing the store name in the survey question itself. For example, instead of a more general CSAT question:

How satisfied were you with Hem & Stitch?

Pass “Hem & Stitch’s San Diego location” as the Question Product Name:

How satisfied were you with Hem & Stitch’s San Diego location?

Use case: Asking about different moments in the customer lifecycle

Reaching the customer at different points in their lifecycle can help surface key moments where folks are either super happy or hitting a roadblock. With that fresh insight, your team can drill down more specifically on what issues and changes are most critical for improving the customer experience.

Let's consider a SaaS company that wanted to gauge the feedback associated with an onboarding experience. Instead of asking:

How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend?

Pass the Question Product Name Special Property value, “our company’s onboarding experience” to ask:

How likely are you to recommend our company’s onboarding experience to a friend?

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Delighted Intro Message

Passing the Delighted Intro Message special property will update the intro message field of Delighted’s Email, Link, and Kiosk-based surveys. Intro messages are limited to 300 characters.

What it looks like as a property

  • CSV: Column header titled "Delighted Intro Message" 
  • API: properties[delighted_intro_message]=Value 
  • Link: ...?delighted_intro_message=VALUE
  • Kiosk: + Add property Delighted Intro Message

Use case: Include context for outreach

Sometimes your customers might have a hard time remembering the specific products they purchased, transaction triggering the survey, or how they use your application (particularly important in B2B and SaaS). Including a bit more specific detail in the intro message can help better contextualize why you’re reaching out.

For example, an eCommerce company might include the product purchased in each intro message. Lets says Jim purchased Hem & Stitch’s “Oxford Shirt”, whereas Jessica bought “London Shoes.”

The intro message parameters, if sent via API, might look something like this:


properties[delighted_intro_message]=How was your recent Oxford Shirt purchase?


properties[delighted_intro_message]=How was your recent London Shoes purchase?

Use case: Personalize the experience

You can also use the intro message to layer in a bit of personalization to the survey copy. As folks recognize the personal touch in the survey, they’ll be more likely to engage the survey and offer their sincere feedback.

For example, pass the following to personalize Jim’s intro message:

properties[delighted_intro_message]=Hi Jim! We value your feedback—can you share your thoughts?

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Delighted Email Subject

Passing the Delighted Email Subject special property will update the subject line field of Delighted’s Email-based surveys.

What it looks like as a property

  • CSV: Column header titled Delighted Email Subject
  • API: properties[delighted_email_subject]=Value

Use case: Personalize the experience

Placing a customer’s name in the subject line is a guaranteed attention grabber. By personalizing the email with more customer-specific details, the request for feedback will appear a bit more genuine and individualized. The net result is often higher open rates, which can translate into stronger response rates.

Here’s an example of how to use Delighted Email Subject to personalize the subject line with a customer’s name:

properties[delighted_email_subject]=Hi Jake, quick question about your order

Use case: A/B testing

Alternating between two or more subject lines can help you discover which customizations are resulting in the most customer engagement.

Consider dividing up your CSV/Excel import with a 50/50 split in the Delighted Email Subject column. Provide half the customers with one subject line, and half the customers with a separate subject line. As responses start flowing into the dashboard, you’ll be able to segment feedback based on the email subject used, highlighting any differences in response counts, quality of feedback, metric score, and more.

If you need any more granular metrics around each subject line you’re testing (ex. response rate per subject line), let us know and we can send those details your way!

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The special property “locale” will adjust the localization (language) for each recipient. We use the ISO 639-1 Code for each language to identify the correct translation.

Visit the Translating your Survey page to view all currently supported languages and their ISO codes (ex. “en” for English).

What it looks like as a property

  • CSV: Column header titled Locale
  • API: properties[locale]=Value
  • Web: { locale: “VALUE” }
  • Link: ...?locale=Value
  • Kiosk: + Add property Locale

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Thank you page Special Properties

Passing special properties for the Thank You page will update each respective section on those pages. These fields include:

  • Thank You page message
  • Link text
  • Link URL

You can pass through separate special properties for each score group (ex. promoters, passives, and detractors), dynamically updating the Thank You page experience based on the score provided.

When using these properties, keep in mind:

  • Thank you message has a limit of 300 characters
  • Thank you link text has a limit of 30 characters
  • Thank you link URL must be http/https or mailto
  • If you specify link text you must also specify the link url
  • If you specify link url you must also specify the link text

What they look like as properties

When passing the properties associated with the Thank You page, you have the option to pass static details that will display no matter what score the respondent chooses, or you can pass multiple details that will be used dynamically based on the score selected.

For dynamic properties, you must pass as many properties as there are score groups for the particular question you're asking (for example, NPS has three score groups: promoter, passive, and detractor). What follows the “_if…” section below will depend on the survey type you’re using, whether NPS, CSAT, CES, or 5-star. For example, for NPS promoters, the Special Property for customizing the Thank You page message would look like:


To get the values you’ll need to use for your survey type, reach out to our Customer Concierge team and we’ll send those values your way!

Thank You Message

Same for all scores Different for each score
CSV: Column header titled thank_you_message Column header titled thank_you_message_if...
API: properties[thank_you_message]=Value properties[thank_you_message_if...]=Value
Web: { thank_you_message: “Value” } { thank_you_message_if...: “Value” }
Link: ...?thank_you_message=Value ...?thank_you_message_if...=Value
Kiosk: + Add property thank_you_message + Add property thank_you_message_if...

Thank You Link Text

  Same for all scores Different for each score
CSV: Column header titled thank_you_link_text Column header titled thank_you_link_text_if...
API: properties[thank_you_link_text]=Value properties[thank_you_link_text_if...]=Value
Web: { thank_you_link_text: “Value” } { thank_you_link_text_if...: “Value” }
Link: ...?thank_you_link_text=Value ...?thank_you_link_text_if...=Value
Kiosk: + Add property thank_you_link_text + Add property thank_you_link_text_if...

Thank You Link URL

  Same for all scores Different for each score
CSV: Column header titled thank_you_link_url Column header titled thank_you_link_url_if...
API: properties[thank_you_link_url]=Value properties[thank_you_link_url_if...]=Value
Web: { thank_you_link_url: “Value” } { thank_you_link_url_if...: “Value” }
Link: ...?thank_you_link_url=Value ...?thank_you_link_url_if...=Value
Kiosk: + Add property thank_you_link_url + Add property thank_you_link_url_if...

Use case: Linking to specific product review pages

If your business has unique review pages for different locations or products, using special properties can help route folks to the most applicable page to provide additional testimonials.

Imagine a mattress company that has unique Amazon pages for each of their products—the Foam Mattress and the Cooling Pillow. Customers receive an NPS survey 30 days after their purchase. In order to get reviews on their Amazon page, they need to make sure respondents are directed to the Amazon page associated with the product they purchased.

With the above in mind, the company might send the following special properties for promoters, based on the product that was purchased:

The Foam Mattress

  • Thank You page message: properties[thank_you_message_if_promoter]=If you have a moment, leave a quick review about The Foam Mattress on our Amazon page
  • Thank You page link text: properties[thank_you_link_text_if_promoter]=Leave a Review!
  • Thank You page link URL: properties[thank_you_link_url_if_promoter]=https://www.amazon.com/The-Foam-Mattress/

Cooling Pillow

  • Thank You page message: properties[thank_you_message_if_promoter]=If you have a moment, leave a quick review about the Cooling Pillow on our Amazon page
  • Thank You page link text: properties[thank_you_link_text_if_promoter]=Leave a Review!
  • Thank You page link URL: properties[thank_you_link_url_if_promoter]=https://www.amazon.com/The-Cooling-Pillow/

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