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Introducing properties

Properties are extra bits of metadata that you pass along with each CX survey request. Properties let you personalize surveys, add context to responses, and will give you the ability to segment your results to discover new insights from your data.

Properties are tied to survey requests (whether triggered via import, integration, or another method), not contacts. This allows you to pass new properties every time you survey someone. To learn more about passing properties to CX, watch this short video and check out this article on how best to pass properties.

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Selecting properties that are meaningful to your business

Properties allow you to slice and dice your feedback in interesting ways, revealing insights that may not be obvious at first glance. Identifying the best properties to include can ensure that you have the data points necessary to effectively filter your feedback. 

Based on your business, the below categories of information could be useful to pass:

  • Basic customer details: Cover the most critical customer information first. Full names, length of time as a customer, products purchased, customer identifiers in your system, and other basic details can help quickly bucket your feedback according to the key elements of your business.
  • Geography and language: Customer location is an important factor. Plus, collecting geographic and language information allows you to send in multiple languages (See Translating your CX survey).
  • Demographic information: Age, education, income, and other demographic factors are important considerations—particularly to your marketing research team.
  • Product lines: Including properties for your product lines helps determine which products are being received well and which products are in need of improvement (or even discontinuance).
  • New versus existing customers: Separating feedback from new and existing customers will help you understand how experiences differ for people at the various milestones in their customer journey.
  • Customer type: This property can break out different types of customers who are using your products or services (ex. buyers, sellers, consultants, etc.). You can also use a similar property to differentiate between customer tiers (free plan, premium customers, enterprise customers).
  • Purchase location: Passing purchase location information can be useful if you have multiple stores, territories, or sales regions. You can isolate each location or see aggregate feedback across regions.

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Choosing how many properties to pass

CX allows you to pass as many properties as you would like, and we recommend sending as many properties as possible. This keeps the door open for future analytical opportunities that you may not realize you need right now.

You can easily add and remove property filters at any time from your Dashboard, keeping that view manageable no matter how many properties you add.

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Properties captured by default with every survey response

By default, we capture certain details about your respondents dependent on which platform you send from. For the Email, Web, and Link platforms, we'll capture:

  • Delighted Browser
  • Delighted Device Type
  • Delighted Operating System

Other automatic captures include:

  • Delighted Source: Captures the platform the survey came from for all responses
  • Delighted Kiosk: Captures the kiosk name
  • Delighted Link Name: Captures the link name

You can find these property details by clicking on the response timestamp for any given response to view the Permalink page. The properties are also filterable on your sidebar (read more about this below).

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Filtering with properties on your Dashboard

Properties will be available as filters along the left side of your Dashboard. For full information about filtering your Dashboard, check out our CX Dashboard article—it covers applying those filters, removing filters, and combining filters!

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Editing properties

If you've passed a property value that has a typo or that you otherwise want to change, you can always edit the property values associated with a response! Read more about how to do this on our Permalink Page article here.

If you pass a property that itself needs to be updated (say the property name has a typo or needs to be merged with another property), you can reach out to our Concierge team for help fixing that.

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