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Automate Reminders to increase response rates

Reminders can be sent to anyone who hasn’t opened the original email one week after the initial send. Reminders are a proven way to increase response rates by reengaging folks who may have overlooked your survey in their inboxes. 

What if someone opens a survey but has not responded?

No reminders are sent if someone opens a survey and decides not to respond. Reminders focus specifically on people who haven't opened the original email to avoid people who saw the original survey but decided not to participate.

A few key details to note:

Retroactive When you turn on Reminders, we will check to see if any surveys were sent within the previous week and will schedule Reminders for any qualified surveys
Include properties Any properties in the original survey request will be included in the Reminder
Delayed by 7 days Reminders are set by default to go out 7 days after the survey is first delivered. If you need to adjust this cadence, let us know
A single reminder Only one Reminder is sent per survey request
Same customization Reminders will contain any customization currently set at the time of their dispatch

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Setting up and sending Email Reminders

To enable Reminders:

Click "Edit and send"
Click on the "Gear" icon → seen to the right of the Email platform
Choose “Configure Reminders”
Click “Turn on” → (and click "Turn off" to stop sending reminders)

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