The Email Platform

The Email platform is the most common way to collect feedback—whether from customers, constituents, or colleagues. With the Email platform, you can configure and send email surveys right from your Delighted account. Delighted's email template automatically embeds the first question of your survey right within the email, ensuring an intuitive survey experience for your recipients that’s designed for optimal readability and deliverability across all device sizes and types.

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Setting up the Email platform

To set up the Email platform, click “Survey people” to navigate to the Platforms page, then choose "Set up" under the Email platform. You can then customize your survey—more information about what customization options are available can be found in section 4. Survey Customization.

Can I change my email settings after setting them up?


Simply click on the gear icon to the right of the Email platform and choose "Customize appearance."

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Testing the Email platform

Sending yourself a test email is a great way to experience Email platform surveys like your customers will, without using any of your survey volume or affecting your CX metric.

To send a test email:

  1. Click on “Survey People” to head to the Platforms page
  2. Click on the gear icon to the right of the Email platform
  3. Choose “Customize appearance”
  4. Under Email customization, enter your email address and click “Send test”

These test emails will take you through the entire survey flow, but your responses will not be saved to the Dashboard.

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Sending from the Email platform

There are two options for the Email platform:

  • One-time: Surveys can be sent immediately or scheduled for sending in the future with the One-time survey feature
  • Autopilot: Repeating or recurring surveys can be scheduled with the Autopilot feature

You can mix the two options by sending your email survey to all of your recipients immediately, and then dropping them into Autopilot for future surveys. This can be useful if you’re trying to get an initial benchmark score from your customers, and then to continue surveying them on an ongoing basis. To do this: 

  1. Import your email list to the One-time survey tab and send your survey 
  2. Add the same email list to the Autopilot tab for future recurring surveys

Inputting email addresses

Type in or upload the email addresses in the entry box. Don't worry if you leave someone out—you can add additional People at any time by clicking the Survey people button.

If you are uploading a CSV or an Excel file, be sure to label the column with the emails we'll be surveying with the header “Email.” If there is no column titled "Email", our parsing system will return the error below:

For example, you may have both a personal email address and a company email address for the same person in two separate columns. If you wanted to have the surveys sent to the personal email address you would give that column the “Email” header.

Here’s an example of that required formatting:

Email Name Sean Jack Ellie
Does Delighted remove duplicates in the list of emails I provide?

Any time a CSV or Excel file is uploaded to Delighted, we will automatically remove any rows with duplicate emails, only processing the first instance of each email per file. However, to ensure your contacts are up to date and include the most accurate property values, we recommend scanning for duplicates before importing.

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Sending Email reminders

Reminders are sent to anyone who hasn’t opened the original survey email one week later.

Sending Reminders is a proven way to increase response rates by reengaging folks who may have overlooked the survey. Reminders focus specifically on people who haven't opened the original email to avoid people who saw the original survey but decided not to respond.

Premium feature

Note that Reminders are a premium feature only available on certain plans. Check out our Pricing page for full information.

A few key details to note:

  • Retroactive: When you turn on the Reminders feature, we will check to see if any surveys were sent within the previous week, and will schedule Reminders for any qualified surveys
  • No impact on sending volume: Reminders do not count towards your plan's sending limit
  • Include properties: Any properties in the original survey request will be included in the Reminder 
  • Delayed by 7 days: Reminders are set by default to go out 7 days after the survey is first delivered. If you need to adjust this cadence, let us know
  • A single reminder: Only one Reminder is sent per survey request
  • Same customization: Reminders will contain any customization currently set at the time of their dispatch

To enable Reminders:

  1. Click “Survey People”
  2. Click on the gear icon to the right of the Email platform
  3. Choose “Configure Reminders”
  4. Click “Turn on”

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FAQs: The Email platform

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Do Delighted surveys avoid spam filters?


Delighted surveys have exceptional deliverability rates. Our team continually runs our surveys through testing to ensure the highest rate of spam avoidance, optimal rendering (based on device and Email platform), and more.

If you have any questions about your account and deliverability, feel free to contact our Concierge team and we can take a look!

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Can I see people who bounced or unsubscribed after sending emails?


Check out more information on managing bounces and unsubscribes in our section 5. Managing People and Properties.

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