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Introducing Product/Market Fit (PMF)

Product/market fit (PMF) measures the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand.

PMF surveys make it possible to gather actionable customer feedback about your product offerings, both new and existing, to ensure they’re aligned with evolving market needs.

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The PMF survey flow

PMF surveys begin with the question:

“How would you feel if you could no longer use [brand/product name]?”

Respondents choose a smiley face that corresponds to either “Not disappointed,” “Mildly disappointed,” or “Very disappointed.”

After providing a score, customers respond to an open text follow-up question which allows them to provide a context for their rating. The PMF score is the “what” while the text feedback is the “why.” Customers then answer any Additional Questions you’ve configured before being presented with a customized Thank You page.

Sample PMF question:

Sample comment page:

Special customization options for the PMF Comment page

On the Survey's customization page, you can adjust the wording of the Comment page away from the default text label, “Tell us a bit more about why you chose [score_text]”  → to something else! In fact, the PMF Comment pages can be modified in at least five ways:

Customization Options Example
Label (the default) Not, Mildly, or Very disappointed Tell us more about why you chose “Very disappointed”
Numeric 1, 2, or 3 Tell us more about why you chose “3”
Numeric + Label 1, 2, or 3 + Not, Mildly, or Very disappointed Tell us more about why you chose 3 or “Very disappointed”
Neither Numeric + Label Reword question Please tell us more!
Skip the Comment page No Comment page

To alter the PMF Comment page:

Select "Survey people"
Click the "Gear" icon on each platform → and pick "Customize appearance"
Enter one of these options → or imagine another alternative. (The "quotation marks" are optional)
  • Tell us a bit more about why you chose "{{survey_response.score_text}}"
  • Tell us a bit more about why you chose {{survey_response.score}}
  • Tell us a bit more about why you chose {{survey_response.score}} or "{{survey_response.score_text}}"
  • Please tell us more!
  • Skip the Comment page altogether

Click "Save Changes" → (or "Next: Import people" if this is a first-time setup)

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How is the PMF score calculated?

The PMF score is calculated with the following equation:

% of “Very disappointed” = PMF score

The PMF score is rounded to the nearest whole number.

An example

Let’s say you received:

  • Very disappointed: 30 responses
  • Mildly disappointed: 10 responses
  • Not disappointed: 10 responses

With 50 total responses, the calculation becomes:

( 30 thumbs up / 50 total responses ) * 100 = 60 (for the PMF score)

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Testing and previewing a PMF question vs. a full questionnaire

There are two—very different—preview options to consider. You can:

1 Preview a PMF question in customization mode
2 Preview an entire PMF project in a platform testing environment
1.  Preview a PMF question in customization mode

Visualize how your PMF question will appear (with the Desktop and Mobile preview options) as you customize the look and feel of your survey. Preview the changes you make to the color scheme, logo, and text elements of your PMF question in real time. (See our CX Customization Basics.)

2. Preview an entire PMF project in a platform testing environment

Previewing how respondents will experience your full survey (particularly if you've added Additional Questions to your questionnaire) requires testing at the platform level.

To learn how to test and preview you entire survey questionnaire, click and explore each of the distribution platform(s) that you have deployed from this list:

Platform Links to the 'how to' instructions
Email Testing and previewing the Email platform
Web Testing and previewing the Web platform
Link Testing and previewing the Link platform
Kiosk Testing and previewing the Kiosk platform
SDK Testing the SDK PlatformPreviewing the SDK Platform
Test and preview each of your platforms independently 

Additional questions are added to each platform independently of the others; ergo, you should preview and test each of your distribution platforms separately. 

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Who are PMF surveys for?

PMF surveys are perfect for a company looking to measure their product experience and wish to understand how their products are serving their customer base. PMF surveys can be used to gather feedback for a new product launch when directed at beta users, or to capture ongoing feedback related to specific features as product and market needs evolve.

Delighted’s PMF projects are especially useful for startups and fast-growth companies. The turnkey setup and reporting make it the perfect fit for survey to start your first product experience (PX) initiatives.

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When should I send PMF surveys?

Depending on whether you are surveying a new product launch or conducting ongoing surveys about an existing feature, you’ll want to adjust the cadence of your survey sends.

New product launch readiness If you’re surveying beta users when launching a new feature, target anyone who has used your product within the last two weeks! Based on your product, you may need to give time for the user to have sufficient interaction with your product to posit valuable feedback. This timeframe assures that the product experience is fresh on their minds when answering the survey
Ongoing feature iteration If you’re surveying users of an existing feature, the two-week rule is still good advice as you want to focus on active users who have recently interacted with the feature. Make sure to clarify the specific feature you want feedback about—for example, we might ask about your experience with our Smart Trends feature, not with Delighted as a whole!

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What are some best practices for PMF surveys?

PMF surveys can lead to insights that take your products to the next level. To make sure you’re accurately measuring PMF, follow these best practices as you create your questionnaire.

Follow up with Additional Questions

PMF surveys often ask specific follow-up questions after the initial “How would you feel” question. You can add these to your survey flow using our Additional Questions feature.

Don't get confused by the "negative question"

PMF surveys are unique because it's the one time when you want your respondents to say they’d be “very disappointed!” Don’t let this negative question confuse things. The answer choice you hope for corresponds to the darkest blue color on left side of the Dashboard. 

Learn more in section 11. CX Best Practices of our Help Center.

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