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How the Web platform works

The Delighted Web platform provides you with a snippet of Javascript that can be added directly to one or multiple pages on your website. When site visitors land on a page with a snippet, they’ll see your survey at the bottom of the page. To customize the experience, set conditions to target visitors just once, on a recurring basis, or every time a specific event occurs.

Web surveys gather feedback quickly and easily. They follow the same basic steps as the other Delighted survey platforms:

  1. Score question
  2. Open-ended Comment question
  3. Additional Questions
  4. Thank you page

After displaying the Thank you page, the survey will disappear automatically, allowing your visitors to seamlessly continue browsing.

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Adaptive Sampling

Delighted automatically manages your survey’s sampling to ensure you receive a steady flow of feedback throughout your billing period. Sampling is based on a number of factors, including your plan level and your site’s traffic. This means that not every site visitor will be presented with a survey, even if the Delighted snippet runs — instead, we help balance out your site traffic with your allotted Delighted volume!

If you have any questions about your Web survey sampling rate, please reach out to our Customer Concierge team!

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Setting up the Web platform

Head to the Web platform page:
  • Click on “Survey people” and then choose “Set up” under the Web platform.
Adjust the visual customization:
Configure your web survey:
  • Survey only once: Surveying “only once” will default to a single, non-recurring survey. You can choose to survey all visitors, or visitors that return after a set period of time. A cookie confirms whether someone has visited previously.
  • Survey on a recurring basis: Surveying “on a recurring basis” will default to a recurring survey every 3 months, where the first survey is displayed 2 weeks after the initial visit. You have the option to edit the default delay and recurring period. We'll count the initial visit date as the first time a visitor lands on a page with the survey snippet — if the web parameter "createdAt" is passed in the delighted.survey() function, we will use this timestamp instead. If you'd like to only shown surveys to app subscribers, embed the Delighted snippet on a page behind a paywall or after visitor login.
  • Survey based on an event: Surveying “based on an event” will default to a single survey that is displayed to visitor each time the Delighted snippet runs. This configuration should be used when you have very specific events and/or conditions already configured in your own code that you want to survey off of. Visitors will be eligible for a survey each time the snippet runs; note that adaptive sampling will still be considered to spread out feedback collection through the period and to prevent any single visitor from being over surveyed.
  • Advanced Options:
    • Time between page load and survey show:The time that Delighted will wait, after the page loads, before displaying a survey (e.g. I want to allow the visitor to navigate for 2 seconds before displaying a survey)
    • Duration survey is shown: When a visitor chooses not to immediately respond we will re-display the survey for a period of time. Please note that the survey will not be re-displayed when it is explicitly closed by a visitor.
Review the code snippet:
  • The code snippet we generate includes example properties added to delighted.survey(). These should be replaced with values unique to your website and visitors. You can read more about properties in section 5. Managing People and Properties. If you don’t have access to this type of information, no worries — just make sure to remove these placeholders from the snippet before you 'go-live.'
Install your web survey on your site:
  • Delighted will provide you with a JavaScript snippet. Add this snippet anywhere in the <head> or <body> section of your website. Visitors are only eligible for a survey if delighted.survey() runs on a page during their visit.
  • Some customers add logic to their site or use tag managers which will run delighted.survey() only if specific business conditions are met.
  • For your own reference, make sure to document the pages on which the snippet is running. If you’ve added custom logic to your site, document these conditions as well.
Turn on the snippet
  • From the Web platform settings page, make sure to click “Turn on” to enable the web snippet! If you ever need to pause surveying, you can turn off the snippet from the same spot, rather than having to remove the code from your website.
Editing your Web survey

Already set up your Web survey, but interested in reviewing or editing the configurations? Not a problem! Simply click on "Adjust Setting" button for the Web platform from the Platform page.

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Testing and previewing Web platform surveys—even before they go live

Test and preview Web surveys either before or after you turn on the platform from within your account. 

To test and experience the Web platform:

Make sure the snippet is added to your website.
Head to the page where the snippet has been added and append ?delighted=test to the end of the URL.
Reload the page.
See the survey appear at the bottom of the page.

We recommend previewing and testing the Web survey with your developer console open. We will display console messages that share more information about the survey display rules.

Keep in mind that using ?delighted=test will override the Delighted eligibility checks to force the survey to display, but it will not override any logic you have included before delighted.survey() is called. If you’re not seeing the web survey display, double check that you don’t have logic precluding the survey even being triggered!

Testing and previewing within Delighted

The Web customization page offers a preview of the Web survey. 

You can click through this preview to experience the survey flow before placing the snippet on your website!

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How can I pass information about the people being surveyed?

Properties will let you pass details about the People you’re surveying. Properties also allow you to segment your feedback, identify key subsets and extract details that impact customer sentiment.

In your JavaScript, include the property name and a value as { key: value }. For example, if passing Customer ID and Location, you would pass { customerId: 123, location: USA } in the JavaScipt.

Read more about passing properties in Web documentation and advanced resources.

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Can I control who sees the surveys and how often?


Using our default configuration options, you can specify how a visitor is surveyed (ex. only once, on a recurring basis vs. after an event), when the survey shown on the page, and the length of time that it's shown

You can change these configurations at any point and the behavior of the web survey will update immediately for your visitors.

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Are cookies used in Web surveys?


There is a single cookie named '_delighted_web' that Delighted uses to determine if a visitor is eligible for a survey.

Delighted requires that cookies are enabled on the visitors browser prior to running.

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Can I change the placement of the Web survey on the page?

Not currently.

The Web survey’s placement at the bottom of the page helps avoid interrupting a visitor’s navigation around your site.

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How can I see detailed information about why a survey is or is not showing?

Use your browser's JavaScript console.

Within the console, you'll be able to determine what events are occurring with the snippet (ex. sampling, throttling, etc.), and how that impacts the display. For details on accessing the console via Chrome, see their guide on Using the Console.

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Can I track the number of impressions the Web survey is getting?


You can view all details associated with your Web platform’s performance in your account’s Metrics page. We’ll detail how many times the survey has been shown, the total number of responses, and other key engagement metrics.

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How long will you display the Thank you page?

If there is no custom text within the Thank You page fields, Delighted displays the default Thank You message for just a few seconds. 

If there is custom text within the Thank You page fields, Delighted displays the Thank You page until the "X" icon is clicked. In this case, we leave the Thank You page displayed to ensure respondents have time to review your text and engage with any call-to-action link you may have added.

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What happens when a respondent dismisses the web survey?

When a respondent clicks the "x" button to close or dismiss the web survey, we still consider the survey "shown." We will not re-display the survey or attempt to re-survey them until the survey is called again under the conditions you set.

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