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Introducing Web customization

Delighted’s Web platform can be customized to reflect your organization’s branding, color scheme, and styling. Aligning this customization with your brand voice increases your survey’s authenticity and readability, which can lead to improved response rates.

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Basic customization

Brand/product name

If you use the default question, your brand/product name will be inserted into your question automatically. For example, NPS surveys will default to, "How likely are you to recommend [brand/product name] to a friend?" 

Interested in dynamically updating the brand/product name for each survey? Check out our article on Special Properties to learn how!

Brand color

Change the color of the survey buttons. Select your colors from the palette, or enter a specific hex code. Both options are found by clicking the down arrow in the color selection box. Your color choices will remain consistent throughout the entire survey experience, from the email all the way to the Thank you page. 

Button style

Change the style of your button. For example, outline the button with your brand’s color or add a white center.

Button shape

Select a shape for your button. Choose between rounded edges, sharp edges, or a circle. 

Not seeing a change in the button style when you click into different options? If you're using an icon-based survey type, such as Smileys or 5-star, the button style won't affect your first question. However, it will affect any Additional Questions that you may add!

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Question customization


Reword your question text as needed. If this customization option is used, the brand/product name will not be inserted into your question text. For example, if you are conducting an B2B survey, you can change the survey question to, "How likely are you to recommend our service to a friend or colleague?"

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Advanced customization

Survey language

Delighted supports translation to over three dozen languages. This translation will represent the default language of your survey, but you can always translate the survey dynamically using our Locale special property. Interested in learning more? Check out this article on translating your survey

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Comment prompt

Comment prompt

Delighted automatically includes a free-form question immediately following the initial survey question (ex. NPS, CES, CSAT, etc.) 

Use this customization section to customize the prompt for that step in the Web survey flow. By default, it will read: "Tell us a bit more about why you chose X". However, you can customize the prompt, as well as dynamically include the score from the prior question by using the variable: {{ survey_response.score }}.

For example, if you wanted the comment for a score of 10 to read, "What made your experience a 10?" you'd set the comment prompt to "What made your experience a {{ survey_response.score }}?"

Skip comment prompt

Prefer to skip directly to your Additional Questions? Not interested in collecting open-ended feedback? Whatever the reason, you can toggle this option for skipping the comment prompt. If selected, respondents will be automatically taken to either: 

  1. Your Additional Questions (if you have them configured) or 
  2. Your Thank You Page (if no Additional Questions are set-up).

You can also skip the Comment Prompt for specific score types, such as Promoters. To learn more, check out Delighted's Special Properties.

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Can I remove the "Powered by Delighted" link?

Not currently.

We include the "Powered By Delighted" link as a trustmark, allowing your respondents to learn more about our survey platform and the security and privacy policies associated with the Delighted brand.

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Can I have a dark background for the web survey?

The core survey flow (the first CX question and the comment page) will always have a light background, as the survey sits at the bottom of the page and will not be disruptive on your site. If you'd like the Additional Questions modal, which pops up to cover your site page, to have a dark background, you can set the darkBackground parameter to true in the web snippet. Read more about this parameter on the web documentation page.

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