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Only Admins can make changes to plans and billing

Only Admins have access to billing information and have the permissions necessary to make plan and billing changes.

Note: If you need to view your account's billing details, contact your company’s designated Delighted Admin for access.

Learn all about Admins!

Review Accounts and User Types to learn more about the role Admins play to the successful management of projects, users, and accounts.

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How pricing works

Pricing plans are based on two factors: how many people you survey each month and your use of Premium-level features in the platform. Higher tiers benefit from multi-project capabilities, Additional Questions, access to many more survey Sends or Displays, Trends, Alerts, Premium Integrations, and much more. 

Tracking your plan's usage is simple

We've made keeping track of your plan's cost drivers super easy as explained in these subsequent sections:

Do you have the right plan?

We have plans to fit every business size, from the just-hatched to the biggest of the big. For the most up-to-date information about the specific pricing plans offered by Delighted, as well as your current account details and billing information, check out our Pricing page. If you don’t see a plan that fits your needs on our Pricing page, please get in touch with us—we’re happy to help! (Note: See How do I change my plan? to learn how to upgrade, or downgrade your Delighted plan.)

Do you know where you currently stand?

To know where you stand, head to the Plans and Billing page in your account by clicking "Account" followed by "Plans and Billing."  

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Monitoring your sends and displays

The following is an excerpt from Module 4: Understanding plan limits and billing in our Admin training series.

Delighted tracks survey Sends and Displays on the Plans and Billing page. "Sends" is our shorthand for the monthly number of surveys sent or displays made through your distribution mix: Email, SMS, Link, Web, Kiosk, and so on.

Sends and displays accumulate across all of your team’s projects are applied toward your limit for the current billing cycle. Billing is calculated monthly, beginning on the day you opened the account. For example, if you started on October 10th, your send limit will be replenished on November 10th.

If you go over your send limit, we'll simply pause sending and queue up those surveys until your plan replenishes. Then we send them out for you

Delighted won't surprise you and bill for the extra sends (like a bank charging for overdrafts). Albeit, if you regularly max out your sends, it may be time to rethink your plan. 

To view your send limits for the current billing cycle: 

Select "Plans and Billing" from the Accounts menu.
Take a look at the gauge tracking surveys Sends to this point in the billing cycle, as well as displaying the remaining Sends.
You can also see how many days are left until your plan is replenished.


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Managing your plan's cost drivers

This is an excerpt from Module 4: Understanding plan limits and billing in our Admin training series.

Given the costs, your Delighted budget, plan limits, and usage merit periodic inspection. It’s easy to sum things up by quantifying seven drivers:

  • Sends/Displays: Your anticipated survey "Sends" across all projects
  • Projects: The number of Projects your program requires
  • Users: The Users you invite to your program
  • Trends: The Trends you and your team wish to create and track
  • Kiosks: The number of remote Kiosks you need for your survey campaign
  • Integrations: Any Premium integrations that you need (like Salesforce or Hubspot)
  • Features: The Premium features essential to your program (like Custom Sending Domain, Custom Translations, Smart Trends, or Additional Questions)

Luckily, the "Plans and Billing" page lets you easily track the key drivers in one spot. (It’s a very helpful page to be sure.) 

Note: This is an image of a Premium Plus account where all of Delighted's features have been turned on!  If your plan doesn't allow some of these features, they will be greyed out. 

With these drivers in mind, use Delighted’s pricing grid to determine which tier is a good fit. After you’ve selected your plan, the Plans and Billing page will help you monitor your usage.

Navigate to this page by:

Clicking "Account."

Choosing "Plans and Billing."


Scrolling to review the activity of your plan's drivers.

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Managing Delighted receipts

Your payment history is detailed on the Plans & Billing page. To see a specific receipt, click on the Receipt details to the left of the charge.

On your Plans & Billing page, you can also add information to the receipt (ex. detail about the service, your company address, notes for your billing team, etc.) by clicking on “Edit” under the Receipts header.

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When does my billing period restart?

Your billing period restarts monthly based on when you signed up for Delighted, rather than the first of each month.

For example,  if you started on October 10th, your send limit will be replenished on November 10th.

Check out the Plans and Billing page in your account to see when your billing period starts as explained in the above section, Monitoring your sends and displays. For additional details about billing periods and plan renewal, take a look at our Terms of Service.

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Do you charge sales tax?

For US-based customers, we charge sales tax depending on your state's sales tax laws and requirements. For non-US customers, we will not charge sales tax.

To determine if your state requires sales tax:

Head to the Plans & Billing page.
Select a plan.
On the following page, where you enter your billing details, select your country.
If your country is based in the US, you'll be prompted to enter a zip code.
If your state charges sales tax for SaaS platforms, you'll see the sales tax added to your total.

If you have any questions about the sales tax, feel free to send us a note and we can provide additional details!

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Is there a limit to the number of users I can invite to my account?


Each plan includes a set number of users that can be invited to your Delighted account. You can find a breakdown of the available users per plan on our Pricing page.

Once you're ready to add users, any Admin can send out invites by clicking "Account" > "Users." Read more about adding users under Accounts and User Types.

Are you hitting your user limit due to the need to share results and Alerts?

Check out our integrations and Alerts for other ways of sharing feedback and Alerts with your team rather than adding a score of Limited users to your Delighted account.

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How do I change my plan?

To change your billing plan:

Head to the Plans & Billing page by clicking "Accounts" > "Plans & Billing."
Click the “Change your plan” button.
On the subsequent page, you can view all available plans and upgrade or downgrade as needed.

Upgrades take effect immediately, and any prorated amount from time remaining on your existing plan will be applied. Downgrades take effect at the end of your current billing period.

If a particular plan is greyed out, it is unavailable based on your current feature usage. Hovering over the “Unavailable” button will open a modal explaining which features in use are preventing you from changing to that plan.

If your Plans & Billing page says “Contact us to upgrade” rather than “Change your plan,” or if you have any other questions about your plan or billing, send us a note! We can get you all squared away and help you make any desired changes to your billing.

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How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, head to the Plans and Billing page. Clicking the link for “Cancel your account” will close your account and prevent future billing. Please note that canceling the account will impact access to response data and surveying capabilities moving forward.

For any billing requests related to cancelations or refunds, feel free to reach out. Our Customer Concierge team is ready to take care of any concerns in lieu of a cancellation—we'll find a solution! And don't forget about our Free plan, which allows you up to 1,000 surveys sends per month, as well as the key features to continue running a CX program.

For answers to common questions regarding cancellation, check out our account Cancellation FAQs.

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Is my plan limit based on number of sends or number of responses?

Each plan is based on the number of survey sends (or displays, depending on which platform you're using).

For more, see Monitoring your sends and displays.

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What happens if I hit my survey send limit?

If you hit your survey sends limit, we will pause your sending until your billing period restarts. Scheduled sends will be queued up in the meantime, and when your survey limit replenishes, those queued surveys will be sent out.

We will never automatically upgrade your plan or charge you for more sends.

For more, see Monitoring your sends and displays.

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