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If you are on a Monthly plan, switch to our new Annual Allotment rollover plan and bank a yearly pool of responses to use flexibly throughout the year — and lower your spend in the process.

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Viewing and changing your plan and billing details

Admins have exclusive access to billing information—along with the authority to make changes to their plan and billing. If you are a Standard or Limited user — and need to view your account's billing details — contact your organization's designated Delighted Admin.

To see your current billing plan, analyze your monthly usage, and view all of the features available to you:  

Click "Account"
Select "Plans and billing" → to identify your:
A. Plan level
B. Usage metrics
C. Switch from "Monthly" to "Yearly" toggle → with % off savings listed
If you have questions or wish to change any part of your plan reach out to our team at and open a conversation
What does the blue "Legacy" tag mean on my Plans & Billing page?

Read all about Legacy versus new billing in our FAQs below

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Finding the plan that fits best  — from Free to Premium

As seen in the above image, pricing is based on three factors:

A. How many responses (partial or complete) you collect each month
B. How many users need access to your accounts
C. Your use of Premium level features

Visit the pricing page at to view the options. We have plans that range from free, and run all the way up to Premium Plus! (Note: Free plan users have the option to trial the Premium plan's features for one month! Simply send us a note and give it a go!)

Delighted's two powerhouse products — Surveys and CX 

And you can use one, or the other, or both in tandem!  Surveys and CX can work independently or in harmony to gather the results you need. It's really up to you. To review the differences, read Delighted Surveys or CX?

Learn even more by visiting our Getting Started pages for each product: 

If you have questions about Plans & Billing, or how Surveys and CX can fit into your research plans, please reach out to our team at We're happy to help with any questions!


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Switching from a Monthly to an Annual Allotment rollover plan

Opt in to Delighted's Annual Allotment rollover program and get a yearly pool of responses to use throughout the year. No more worrying about unused monthly responses going to waste.

Switch from monthly billing to the Annual Allotment rollover plan by emailing and requesting a change. (Check your email for verification.)

Learn all the details here:

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Managing Delighted receipts

Your payment history is detailed on the Plans and billing page. To see a specific receipt, click "Payment History" at the bottom of the Plans and Billing page, then choose the link to open your Receipt.

You can also add information to the receipt (ex. detail about the service, your company address, notes for your billing team, etc.) by clicking on “Receipt settings” and adding your notes.

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When does my billing period restart?

Your billing period restarts monthly based on when you signed up for Delighted, rather than the first of each month.

For example, if you started on October 10th, your send limit will be replenished on November 10th.

Check out the Plans and billing page in your account to see when your billing period starts as explained in the first section above, Viewing and changing your plan and billing details. For additional details about billing periods and plan renewal, take a look at our Terms of Service.

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In the new billing plans, what happens when I’ve reached my response limit for the month?

Once you’ve reached your response limit for the month, all active projects and surveys will automatically close to response collection. 

A person who attempts to submit feedback will see the message: “Thank you for your interest. The survey has been closed to new responses.” 

Once your plan renews, the survey will reopen and collection can resume.

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Do you charge sales tax?

For US-based customers, we charge sales tax depending on your state's sales tax laws and requirements. For non-US customers, we will not charge sales tax.

To determine if your state requires sales tax:

Head to the "Plans and billing" page
Select a plan
On the following page, where you enter your billing details, select your country
If your country is based in the US, you'll be prompted to enter a zip code
If your state charges sales tax for SaaS platforms, you'll see the sales tax added to your total

If you have any questions about the sales tax, feel free to send us a note and we can provide additional details!

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Is there a limit to the number of users I can invite to my account?


Each plan includes a set number of users that can be invited to your Delighted account. You can find a breakdown of the available users per plan on our Pricing page.

Once you're ready to add users, any Admin can send out invites by clicking "Account" → "Users." Read more about adding users under Accounts and User Types.

Are you hitting your user limit due to the need to share results and Alerts?

We have solutions! Check out our integrations and Alerts for other ways of sharing feedback and Alerts with your team — rather than adding a score of Limited users to your Delighted account.

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How do I change my plan?

Plans can be changed from the Plans and Billing page ("Account" → "Plans and Billing").

Any prorated amount from time remaining on your existing plan will be applied. Downgrades take effect at the end of your current billing period.

If a particular plan is greyed out, it is unavailable based on your current feature usage. Hovering over the “Unavailable” button will open a modal explaining which features in use are preventing you from changing to that plan.

If your Plans and billing page says “Contact us to upgrade” rather than “Change your plan,” or if you have any other questions about your plan or billing, send us a note

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How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, head to the Plans and billing page ("Account" → "Plans and Billing"). Clicking the link for “Cancel your account” will close your account and prevent future billing. 

Please note that canceling the account will impact access to response data and surveying capabilities moving forward.

In lieu of a cancellation—let's find a solution!

Our Customer Concierge team is ready to answer your questions and find the best possible solution! For example, we have a a Free plan — if that's all you need. We also have self-serve monthly plans, so you can survey only when you need to and back off for a bit.

  • Reach out with any questions regarding billing, cancelations, or refunds
  • For answers to your cancellation questions, check out our Cancellation FAQs
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What does Legacy vs. New billing mean?

It’s been over 7 years since we have adjusted our plan packages, and with the exciting release of our new Surveys product, it’s time to update our offerings. Delighted is dedicated to offering a high-value product at a competitive price. Starting in fall of 2023, we will be moving to a new pricing structure, and you will receive emails about your specific situation before anything changes!

In our new plans, the existing Delighted product as you know it will be renamed CX. The new Surveys platform will be available in addition to your CX platform. You’ll be able to continue running your existing experience management program with CX, and use Surveys for targeted audience insights and research projects.

Review Delighted Surveys or CX? and be sure to reach out if you need clarification.

Legacy billing FAQs

How do I know if I am on a legacy plan?
Legacy plans are noted on the Plans & Billing page by a blue “Legacy” tag.
How are legacy plans different than new plans?
Legacy plans are priced based on the number of surveys sent/displayed in a month. New plans are priced based on number of responses collected in a month.
If I am on a Legacy plan, do I have access to Delighted Surveys?
And for the first 30 days the responses that you collect on Surveys will not count against your Legacy plan limits. Collect as much feedback as you’d like and share any and all feedback with your team!
Should I expect that my Delighted accounts will be moved from a Legacy plan to a new plans?
Yes, we plan to migrate all Legacy customers to an equivalent cost plan by the end of 2023.
Plans will be transitioned at the end of a billing period starting in October of 2023. Specific communication around plan migration will be shared later in the year! In the interim, there is nothing that you have to do on your end!
In some cases, you might have the option to view new plan options and migrate yourself. The options for migration can be see at the bottom of your Plans & Billing page.

New billing plan FAQs

How does Delighted’s new pricing work?
Pricing is based on three factors:
  1. How many responses (partial or complete) you collect each month
  2. How many users need access to your accounts
  3. Your use of Premium level features
Do you offer a free plan?
With the free plan a single user has access to both Delighted CX and to Delighted Surveys. On this plan, you can collect up to 25 responses per month, across both products.
In the new billing plans, what happens when I’ve reached my response limit for the month?
Once you’ve reached your response limit for the month, all active CX projects and surveys will automatically close to response collection. A person who attempts to submit feedback will see the message: “Thank you for your interest. The survey has been closed to new responses.” Once your plan renews, the survey will reopen and collection can resume.
In the new billing plans, do unused responses roll over across periods?
No, unused responses in the current period will not roll-over to the next period.
Will downgrading to a smaller plan next month affect the responses collected in this month or in previous months?

No. Once a response is collected in Delighted, it’s yours. Responses will never be retroactively deleted, even if you move down to a lower plan.
If I am on a new Premium level plan, using both the Surveys and CX products, how many responses can I collect each month on each product?

Depending on your plan size, you can collect 250, 500 or 1000 responses each month across both CX and Surveys. For example, collect 100 Survey responses and 400 CX responses in a month, 0 Survey responses and 500 CX responses, or an even 250 responses using each tool. You have full control of that allocation!
I don’t see a plan that has enough monthly responses to support my use of Delighted. Do you offer any additional plans that are not listed in your plan table?

We have plans to fit every business size, from the just-hatched to the biggest of big. Above the offered plans, we have custom, a-la-carte pricing, which lets you purchase additional buckets of monthly responses and/or additional user seats. If you don’t see a plan that fits your needs, please get in touch with us — we’re happy to help!
How can I trial Delighted Premium?
If you’re on the free plan or on a starter plan, you have the option to trial the features on a Premium plan for 1 month. Send us a note and we can set you up on your trial!

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