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8 steps to insightful feedback

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As a quick introduction, Delighted is a customer feedback platform - providing a range of ways for you and your team to gather, view, and act on feedback from your customers. Delighted is optimized to help you gather feedback on an ongoing basis using the platform of your choice, helping you get an instant pulse on customer sentiment.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to create and launch a Delighted survey project in just eight steps. Start receiving valuable feedback within minutes, plus analyze and share this feedback with your team.

Looking to take your Delighted knowledge to the next level? Check out our Core Certification course, which includes six modules, quizzes, and an exam to test what you've learned!

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Use case: Creating an NPS survey for SOHO

In this hands-on lesson, we’ll recreate an NPS survey used by the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center (SOHO)—a partner of Delighted and Qualtrics-SAP.

Located in Midway, Utah, SOHO was the site of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games nordic skiing and biathlon events. SOHO’s continuing mission is to train the next generation of athletes and parathletes at every age and experience level—including Olympic hopefuls and future high school and collegiate stars. To do the job, they must generate funds and pay the bills! A key source of revenue comes from SOHO’s community tubing hill.

Most people learn about the tubing hill through word-of-mouth, so an ongoing NPS study is a great way to identify their promoters, passives, and detractors. Segmenting these three groups, and closing the loop on their feedback, will help SOHO improve the tubing experience for its growing community of slippin’ sliders—from the young to the young at heart.

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Step 1: Create your Project

If you sign up for a 7-day free trial account, you’ll skip automatically to Step 2. How easy is that!

If you already have an account, create a new project by:

  1. Clicking the Project menu in the top left-hand corner of your Dashboard
  2. Clicking “Create a new project”

Extra! Once you’ve created multiple projects, switch between them by selecting any project name from the Projets drop-down list.

Next to each project name is a Settings gear icon. Click the gear to open the Edit Project window, where you can adjust your Project name, survey time window, and throttling.

Deep dive! Learn more about projects in the 1. Projects Overview section of the Help Center.

Adding multiple Projects

Adding Multiple Projects is a feature limited to paid accounts. For more details about the plans available, head to our Pricing page.

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Step 2: Select your survey type

Pick a survey type from the Survey selection page by clicking “Choose and customize” below your selected type. For this SOHO project, we chose NPS.

Deep dive! Not sure which survey type is best for your team? Check out the 2. Survey Types section of the Help Center.

The ability to add more than one project is a premium feature, only available on our paid plans. Head to the Delighted pricing page for more information.

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Step 3: Pick your distribution platform

Select your distribution choice by choosing “Set up” below your choice on the Platform selection page. In this example, we’ll use the Email platform to send this survey to SOHO sledders.

Extra! You always have the option to use multiple platforms—just choose which one you want to set up first at this step!

Deep dive! Review Delighted’s distribution platforms in the 3. Distribution Platforms and Sending section of the Help Center.

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Step 4: Add your brand customization

While each platform has slightly different customization options, for the Email platform you can adjust:

  • Basic customization (colors and logo)
  • Question customization (wording of the survey question)
  • Email customization (subject message and reply-to address)

Click on the associated header to make each update. When finished, click “Next: Import people.”

Deep dive! Review a detailed description of your customization options, including how to add Additional Questions and customize the Thank you page displayed after a response is submitted, in the 4. Survey Customization section of the Help Center.

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Step 5: Organize your recipients and send your survey

This step will also look a little different based on which platform you’re using. Some platforms, like Web, will take this chance to fine-tune settings you’re using to display your survey. For Email and SMS, you’ll be able to organize the people you wish to survey in one of two ways:

  • Enter by hand: Type your email addresses or phone numbers—one per line—into the window, or paste your list into the window
  • Upload a list in a CSV file (spreadsheet): If you have a list in a spreadsheet (like Excel or Google Sheets), save it as a CSV file and upload it to Delighted. Just make sure your emails are in a column labeled “Email” so that we can recognize the recipient email addresses!

Once you’ve added those people, click “Next: Review,” review your recipients, and click “Send.”

Deep dive! Learn about managing your contacts, as well as how to include details about each respondent to segment your data later, in the 5. Managing People & Properties section of the Help Center.

Step 6: View, segment, and share your feedback

You can start analyzing data in your Dashboard as soon as your first response rolls in! While you’re waiting for responses, feel free to explore our Demo Dashboard to play around with all of the Delighted features.

From your Dashboard, you can filter and segment your feedback, as well as access other analytical and data sharing tools.

To see all of the details associated with a certain response, click on the timestamp to the right of that response. To learn more about the respondent themselves, click on their name on the left side of the response. Apply filters by clicking on the segments along the left side of the screen, or by searching for keywords in the search bar.

Deep dive! Review all of these features, plus learn the power of Trends, in the 6. Receiving and Acting on Feedback section of the Help Center.

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Step 7: Report out on results and engagement metrics

In a few quick clicks, you can view reports and study your survey’s metrics as soon as the first response is recorded.


To generate clear, powerful, and visual reports:

  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. Select the report type you want to explore
  3. Apply any date or response filters to adjust the report


Track metrics to learn how your survey is performing—what percentage of customers are opening the survey email? How many are responding? Of those, who is leaving a comment?

Each platform will have a unique view of its engagement metrics.

As you deploy multiple platforms for your surveys, click through the various tabs seen at the top of the Metrics page to gage the performance of each distribution platform. For instance, SOHO’s equipment rental team tracks NPS metrics coming from its Kiosk platform.

Deep dive! Get the most from your reports and metrics by reviewing the 7. Reporting & Analytics section of the Help Center.

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Step 8: Integrate Delighted with other applications

Delighted integrations allow you to share your results with over two-dozen commonly used applications like Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Shopify—just to drop a few names. Chances are, the tools you use integrate automatically with Delighted.

Deep dive! Learn all about these integrations, as well as Delighted’s REST API, in the 8. Integrating with Other Applications section of the Help Center.

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FAQs: Questions for getting started

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How can I survey people via Email and SMS on a recurring basis?

Use Autopilot!  

Visit the Autopilot page in the 3. Distribution Platforms & Sending section of the Help Center to learn about this recurring survey feature.

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Can I export data from Delighted to other platforms for further analysis?

Of course!

Visit the Exporting Data page in the 7. Reporting & Analytics section of the Help Center to learn how to export data to applications such as Excel, SPSS, or QualtricsXM.

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Can I add additional users to my account?


Learn how by visiting Accounts and User Types page in the 9. Accounts & Billing section of the Help Center. 

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What administration and security features are available in Delighted?

Learn all about account administration and security by visiting the 10. Security and Privacy section of the Help Center.

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Where can I learn about surveying best practices?

Continue learning Delighted by jumping to the 11. Training & Tutorials section of the Help Center. You can also reach out to our Customer Concierge team by sending a note to

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