Getting Started with Delighted Templates

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View our Getting Started video

Welcome to Delighted Templates! 

High-value survey campaigns have never been easier to create and manage. And to give you a proper start, we've got a short video to get you rolling quickly and confidently.

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Creating your first Template

Ready to start? 

Begin your Template quickly by following the steps explained in Creating and Previewing Templates from section 1. Templates Options & Settings.

Happy surveying!

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About our Core Training videos

After viewing the Getting Started video, take your Delighted skills to the next level with our free Core Training videos. There's also a no-cost certification track if you wish to put your Delighted knowledge to the test.

View the videos sequentially or pick and choose topics of interest. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long.

1 All About Template Types and Getting Help
2 All About Creating Templates
3 All About Dashboard Filters, Trends, and Reports
4 All About Distribution Platforms and Their Metrics
5 All About Template Customization
6 All About Properties and Alerts
7 All About Tags, Search, and Editing Additional Questions

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About our Templates Help Center

The Templates Help Center is a complete compendium of everything there is to know about Delighted Templates. Use topical navigation or search to find what you are looking for.

This in-depth learning center is organized into 12 sections. Sections 1-7 track the seven Template creation steps explained in the above Getting Started with Delighted Templates video. Sections 1-7 also parallel our Core Training & Certification course mentioned above.

Sections 8-12 cover everything else you may need to know about Templates: Integrations, Accounts & Billing, Security & Privacy, Best Practices, and Training. For an overview of all of this information, check out the Admin Training & Certification course. If you have Admin responsibilities, this course is for you.

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About our in-app help Beacon

As you are working, use our convenient support "Beacon" to get immediate in-app answers and assistance. It's nimble and quick:

Open the Beacon → by clicking the Comment icon in the bottom right-hand corner of every Delighted page
The Beacon is context-sensitive. As it opens, the article you're looking for is probably in the list. 
Search the Beacon by keyword → which instantly populates relevant Help Center articles
Click the "Ask" button to send a note to our Customer Concierge team → or reach out to our team by sending a note to

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