Creating and Managing CX Projects

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Introducing CX projects & Dashboard metrics

Delighted CX projects are workspaces for crafting, sharing, and analyzing your surveys. 

Each project is built around a primary metric question that helps organize, segment, and prioritize incoming feedback. Primary questions can include NPS, CSAT, 5-Star, CES, Smilies, and many more. And, if you wish, follow up with Additional questions to dive even deeper into customer experiences and lifecycles.

Use your CX Dashboard to track your survey campaign in real-time. Access an array of reports, analytics, trends, alerts, filters, integrations, and distribution metrics — all from the convenience of the Dashboard seen here.

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Creating new CX Projects — quickly!

Create and launch a new CX project in 5 easy steps:

1 Pick "Create a new project" Click the “Create a new project” option from the Projects dropdown menu
2 Select your primary question Choose a "Primary" metric-driven question → such as NPS, CSAT, 5-Star, CES, PMF, eNPS, Thumbs, or Smilies Note: Or Start from Scratch with the ever fast and flexible Delighted Surveys
3 Choose your platform     Pick a distribution platform from the list → such as Email, Web, Kiosk, Link, SDK
Note: Use any (or all) of these distribution platforms in the same CX project. Add new platforms later to acquire responses in a variety of ways!
4 Customize your survey Add your branding and customizations (color scheme, logo, text, language, etc.) Note: See 4. CX Survey Customization for details.
5 Finish and share! Finish up by distributing your survey to the "people" (aka, "participants," "respondents," "subjects," or “panel”). In this example, the survey's Link can be copied from the finishing page Note: See section 3. Distribution Platforms & Sending.

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Previewing and testing your CX survey projects

Each platform ( Email, Web, Kiosk, Link, SDK) needs separate testing. To see how its done, click your selected distribution platform(s) from this list:

Preview the look of your core metric question in the Customization section

You can visualize how your core metric question will appear — on desktops and mobile devices — as you customize the look and feel of your survey. 

However, previewing a complete survey — particularly if you've added any Additional questions to your questionnaire — requires testing at the platform level, as explained by clicking the above links.

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Adding Additional questions to your survey projects

Delighted CX allows up to 10 Additional questions to be added to each platform's survey. Learn all the details by reading the Additional questions page in this Help Center.

View our Additional questions video

Additionally, view how easy it is to add Additional questions to your projects by viewing this excerpt from our Core training video series for Delighted CX.

Key change to the video: The "Survey people" button is now "Edit and Send!"

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Renaming CX projects

To rename your projects in the Edit Project window:

Open the "Projects" dropdown menu → seen at the top of your Dashboard
Click the settings “Gear” → appearing next to a project's name
Click inside the “Project name” box → in the Edit project window
Enter the new name → ex. "My NPS project"
Click “Save changes”
Respondents will not see the name

Your respondents never see the project's name. The name you invent is for internal use and will appear in the dropdown menu. A clearly identifiable name is extremely handy if you have a team working on a survey or if you have multiple CX projects in your account. 

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Deleting Projects

To delete or remove projects from your account:

Open the "Projects" dropdown menu
Choose the “Gear” icon → to the right of the Project's name
Choose “Delete this project” → at the bottom of the Edit Project window
Verify your decision by clicking “Delete this project”
One chance to undo!

Delighted CX will give you a chance to “Undo” the action if you change your mind. But if you click “X” and close the notification bar, the deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

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When to modify, reuse, or delete an existing CX project

As this decision matrix suggests, you may not need to create a new project if you can modify or reuse an existing one. 

Modify if . . . Delete if . . .
You are asking the same basic question, just to a new group or demographic You need to change the CX metric question type — or use a new CX project altogether
You are running a relational NPS, CSAT, or similar survey and it's time to send again You want to survey a new touchpoint in the customer journey — and you wish to separate any new data from previous feedback

Edits and modifications can include, but are not limited to:

  • Renaming a CX project
  • Adding or editing distribution platforms
  • Adding or editing Additional questions
  • Altering a project's customizations, including its question text

Importantly, one thing you can’t do is substitute a survey's initial question type or methodology (say from NPS to CSAT). Doing so would throw your metrics into a tizzy. Essentially, your validity and reliability would be compromised. Ergo, if you need to change the question type, delete the project and create a new survey from scratch. 

Only Admins can create and delete CX projects

Only Admins have permission to add or remove projects from an organization’s account. For security reasons, assigning user roles to team members (like Admin, Standard or Limited) is a good idea. User roles set the guardrails around who can change critical settings and attributes. Learn everything Admins can do in our video-based Admin training and certification program for Delighted CX.

If you are creating a Free account, you are automatically an Admin, so create away!

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Exporting and saving data before deleting

When it's necessary to delete a CX project, first Export your data and store it in a safe place. (Once deleted, a project's data can't be recovered!)

When exporting, select from these three options:

1 Survey responses Download all, or a portion of your responses as segmented by data range
2 Survey responses Isolate just your sent survey data by date range and/or by whatever platforms you are using. (In our example, both the Link and Email platforms have collected responses
3 Scheduled surveys Download just a list of surveys yet to be sent within a date range

To export all or part of your data:

Select “Export data” → located in the bottom-left corner of your Dashboard
Pick either “Survey responses,” "Sent surveys,” or “Scheduled surveys” as explained above
Optional: Select a date range → ex. Last week
Click “Export to CSV” to download the data you selected to your computer

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