The Kiosk Platform

The Kiosk platform allows you to customize a survey and display it at any physical location using the Delighted Kiosk app, setting the standard for point-in-time feedback.

Often set-up as a mounted iPad or tablet on a stand, Kiosks can handle large crowds while consistently collecting feedback. Kiosk surveys run in a loop, refreshing for the next person as soon a response is completed.

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How does the Kiosk platform work?

The Kiosk platform is composed to two parts:

  • The Kiosk survey
  • The Delighted Kiosk app

Within the Delighted platform, you can customize your Kiosk survey and create multiple “Kiosks” for different locations. Kiosk surveys follow the same survey flow as every other platform:

  1. Score selection
  2. Open-ended Comment
  3. Additional Questions
  4. Thank you page

These Kiosk surveys will be presented on the Delighted Kiosk app in the physical location of your choosing. By nature, people will walk up to your Kiosk, respond, and then walk away—so the Kiosk app will refresh automatically to reset after each response.

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Setting up the Kiosk platform

To set up your Kiosk survey, navigate to the Platforms page by clicking “Survey people” and choosing "Set Up" under the Kiosk platform. You can then customize your survey (more information about what customization options are available can be found in section 4. Customizing your survey). And you're all set! The next step is to download the app to start displaying your surveys.

Editing your Kiosk survey

Already set up your Kiosk survey, but interested in taking a look at or editing the customization? Not a problem! Simply click on the gear icon to the right of the Kiosk platform and choose "Customize appearance."

Adding additional Kiosks

Once you set up your first Kiosk, you will have the option to create additional Kiosks that differ based on the properties associated with each. For example, you might create one Kiosk for your New York City store location, and another for your Atlanta store location. To add another Kiosk:

  1. Head to the Platforms page by clicking “Survey people”
  2. Choose “Adjust settings” under the Kiosk platform
  3. Choose “Add a new Kiosk”
  4. Configure your Kiosk, including giving it a name and adding any relevant properties
  5. Click “Save and finish”

Looking to adjust the survey customization for each Kiosk? Check out our FAQs below.

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Adding properties to your Kiosk

Adding  properties to each Kiosk will allow you to segment feedback from one location to the next. With properties, run comparative analysis between Kiosk response to surface key insights such as:

  • What location is performing best?
  • What teams are receiving negative feedback and could use additional training?
  • Are customers mentioning certain pain points at a particular location versus other locations (ex. long wait times referenced at one location)?
  • How is survey engagement compared between Kiosk and email-based surveys?
Included properties

By default, the name of the Kiosk will be passed as a property with each response. If you name the Kiosk something identifiable (like “Salt Lake City store”), there is no need to pass another identifying property as well!

Including properties for each Kiosk will provide context to your data so that you can easily segment it for powerful insights. Follow these steps to add properties to each of your Kiosks:

  1. Go to the Platforms page by clicking “Survey people”
  2. Click on Adjust Settings under Kiosk
  3. On the following page, click the Settings link next to the Kiosk you'd like to update
  4. On the Kiosk settings page, scroll down to the section for Add properties to your Kiosk
  5. Click “Add a property”
  6. Include any property and value you'd like associated with that Kiosk (ex. location, event date, product line, marketing campaign title, etc.)
  7. Once you've added all the properties you'd like, click “Save” to lock in those updates

For more information about how properties can help add context to your data, head to section 5. Managing People and Properties.

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Downloading and troubleshooting the Delighted Kiosk app

In order to download the Delighted Kiosk app, you'll need access to an iOS device. Then, download the Delighted Kiosk for iOS from the App Store.

Once downloaded, you'll be prompted to enter in the code or scan the QR code associated with the Kiosk you want to display. This code is the one listed under the Kiosk platform page as seen in the below image. We request this code to:

  • Make sure you're authorized to display the survey 
  • Verify we're displaying the expected survey, as you can set up multiple Kiosks for a single account

If you're having issues downloading the Delighted Kiosk app, visit these troubleshooting resources from Apple:

For other issues downloading the Delighted Kiosk app, contact Delighted's Customer Concierge team and we'll lend a hand!

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Adjusting your device to run the Kiosk platform

The steps below detail how to disable the home button for iPad devices, using Accessibility settings. Most tablets include similar functionality. (Note: If you're not using an iPad, feel free to contact our Customer Concierge team and we can refer you to the steps required for alternative devices.)

A note on battery

Plug your device into a power source! With all of these settings keeping your Kiosk constantly active, your tablet will be consistently using power, so be sure to keep it plugged in.

Disabling the home button

Prevent customers from navigating away from the survey by disabling your tablet's home button.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Under General, select the section for Accessibility
  4. Under Accessibility, select the section for Guided Access
  5. Turn on Guided Access

Once Guided Access is enabled, your iOS device will lock down on your survey (ex. the Home button, Notification Center, and Control Center will be disabled).

Adjusting gestures

On most iOS devices, disabling the home button is sufficient for keeping customers on the survey page. However, it's also worth going to Settings > Multitasking Gestures to disable gestures.

Preventing screen timeout

Since you'll want your Kiosk survey to be visible and accessible throughout the day, preventing the screen from timing out or shutting off is critical. To avoid this issue, disable common energy saving configurations on your device that will force screen timeout.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Under General, select the Auto-Lock
  4. Under Auto-Lock, select the option for Never

Once Auto-Lock is disabled (i.e. set to Never), your screen will remain enabled indefinitely.

Maximizing screen brightness

Turning your device brightness up will help ensure your surveys are visible, and this may help those with visual impairments to more easily engage with the survey.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select the option for Display & Brightness
  3. Move the slider all the way to the right (full brightness)
  4. Disable any other brightness settings such as Auto-Brightness, as that will dynamically change the brightness based on ambient lighting in the room

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FAQs: The Kiosk platform

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What devices support the Delighted Kiosk app?

Any device can support Delighted Kiosk surveys.


For an optimal end-user experience, we recommend using Delighted's Kiosk app for iOS devices. 

We recommend using an iPad for the fullest survey experience. However, other iOS devices also work, like the iPhone 11 Pro Max or iPhone XS Max. 


You can also use Android devices/tablets or a desktop computer to display Delighted Kiosk surveys. When setting up a Kiosk, click “Email this code and instructions to your device” on the Kiosk settings page. The emailed instructions will contain a link you can use.

Simply bookmark that link and open it on any device where you want Delighted Kiosk surveys rendered. All the same logic will apply to the link as it would to the iOS device (like the auto-refresh rate).

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How can I get the URL of the Kiosk survey?

The primary way to get the URL for your Delighted Kiosk survey would be to:

  1. Go to your Kiosk settings page
  2. Navigate to Set up your kiosk
  3. Under that section, click on “Email this code and instructions to your device”
  4. In the email you receive, you'll have access to the URL for Delighted Kiosk

The main difference between this link and the Link platform is the application of Kiosk settings, like the auto-refresh.

How long does the timer last before the survey is reset?

By default, the survey will reset after 10 seconds of inactivity.

Any survey progress made at that point will be saved to your Delighted dashboard. If you’d like to adjust this timing, reach out to us!

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How do I update the survey based on which Kiosk is displayed?

If you're a business that will be deploying Delighted Kiosk across multiple locations, you might be interested in fine-tuning the customization for each site (ex. if you'd like the survey to reflect the actual store name in the question displayed in each Kiosk).

To achieve this level of customization, we'll leverage Special Properties and the Kiosk platform's ability to set different properties for each Kiosk. In the example below, we'll be focusing on adjusting the Brand/ Product Name of each Kiosk survey, but be sure to refer to the Special Property guide for information on dynamically customizing other survey elements (like Intro Message, localization for different languages, etc.)

In this example, we'll be adding a special property of Question Product Name to set the question customization to "How would you rate your experience with Delighted's pop-up event?"

  1. Head to the Platforms page by clicking “Survey people”
  2. Click on “Adjust settings” under Kiosk
  3. On the following page, click on Settings next to the Kiosk survey you're looking to update
  4. On the Kiosk settings page, scroll down to the section for Add properties to your kiosk
  5. Click Add a property
  6. Add the desired Special Property. In this example, we'll be adding Question Product Name set to "Delighted's pop-up event"
  7. On your Kiosk settings page, you should now see the property added with a purple badge labeled "Special" - indicating a special property
  8. Try scanning the QR code to verify the special property is dynamically updating the as expected

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