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Introducing Alerts and team notifications

Don't let negativity linger — jump on it with real-time Alerts!

Alerts let you respond quickly to feedback by triggering timely email notifications to your support inbox or individual team members for expedited action. (Team members don't need to be Delighted users to receive Alerts.)

Trigger your Alerts based on the criteria you define, such as a:

  • Score group (ex. All "Detractors")
  • Comments (ex. Only "Promoters" with comments)
  • Trends (ex. Quality)

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Setting up Alerts and notifications

Responsive feedback management starts with Alerts — paving the way for positive resolutions and happy customers.

To set up Alerts:

Head to the Integrations tab → and choose “Alerts”
In the dropdown → specify the conditions you want to use to trigger your Alert (ex. score group, comment or Trend)
Enter the email address to be notified. (You can also send a "test" email at this point)
Click “Save changes”

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Combining Trends and Alerts automatically shares the feedback most applicable to specific team members.

Setting up a Trend and Alert workflow is a three-part process:

Determining what keywords/property values would most apply to a specific team/department
Creating a Trend for the keywords/property values from Step 1
Creating an Alert based on the Trend from Step 2

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Can I send Alerts or notifications to a listserv or email group?


Sending an Alert to a listserv or email group is a great way to notify a larger team without setting up your Alert conditions multiple times.

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Are there Integrations I can use as alternatives to Alerts??

Yes! Of course.  

Consider Slack, Salesforce, Spotify, or any number of helpful Integrations to deliver feedback to your team and stakeholders. You can even build custom integration solutions with Zapier.

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Can I receive an Alert or notifications based on Tags?

Yes— kind of . . . 

Alerts are triggered 10 minutes after a response is submitted (to give the respondent time to finish the entire survey, including adding a Comment and answering any Additional Questions). Since Tags are added manually, that 10 minute delay usually isn't long enough to add a tag before the Alert fires. 

. . . However, you can receive a notification every time a response is tagged by creating a Trend based on that tag, and then subscribing to that Trend. You'll get an email when the response joins that Trend.

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