With Alerts, Delighted will automatically send emails to notify your team when responses are submitted meeting your specific criteria, regardless of whether that email has access to a Delighted account or not. You can trigger your Alerts based on a response score, comment, or associated Trend.

Use case: Why use Alerts?

Responding quickly to negative feedback is a great opportunity to convert detractors to promoters.

For example, use Alerts to help your support team follow up with customers needing attention. Rather than having to log into Delighted to comb through responses, you can create an Alert that triggers when detractors with comments respond to your survey, emailing a notification to your support inbox allowing expedited action to any detractors.

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Setting up Alerts

To set up Alerts:

  1. Head to the Integrations tab and choose “Alerts”
  2. In the dropdown, specify the conditions you want to use to trigger your Alert (either based on score group, comment, or a Trend)
  3. Enter the email address to be notified. You can also send a test email at this point if you’d like!
  4. Click “Save changes” to finish

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Combining Trends and Alerts automatically shares only the feedback most applicable to specific team members, directly in their inboxes.

Setting up a Trend and Alert workflow is a three-part process:

  1. Determining what keywords/property values would most apply to a specific team/department
  2. Creating a Trend for the keywords/property values from Step 1
  3. Creating an Alert based on the Trend from Step 2

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FAQs: Alerts

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Can I send Alerts to a listserv or email group?


Sending an Alert to a listserv or email group is a great way to notify a larger group of team members without setting up the Alert conditions multiple times.

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What if I don't want to send Alerts via email?

If you are looking beyond Alerts for alternative ways to weave feedback into your team's workflow, check out the many Integrations available in Delighted.

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