Cancellation FAQs

Considering canceling your Delighted account? Read through the following frequently asked questions first to understand other options before making that change!

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Do you offer a free plan?


Our free plan is powerful enough to help you capture actionable insights from your customers using all of the basic features of Delighted. For more information about what is included in our free plan, head to our Pricing page.

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I wanted to downgrade my account, but the button is grayed out. Why?

Each of our plans includes access to a certain number of survey sends per month, as well as limited access to different features like number of users or number of projects. If the option to downgrade your account is greyed out, it's likely because you're using more of a specific feature than is allowed on that lower level account.

If you hover over the downgrade button, you'll see a list of features that you're using that exceed that lower plan limit (ex: 10 projects used out of an allowed 7). If you need any assistance in reducing the number of features you're using so that you can change your plan, please let us know!

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Is it possible for me to temporarily pause my account?

While we don't currently have a specific pause feature, we don't want you to have to start over with your account if you're just stopping your program temporarily! Send us a note and we can help you move down to the free plan so that you can pause your billing for a short period of time.

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I can’t find a feature my team needs. Where can I find help?

If there’s a feature you’re looking for in Delighted, let us know!

Delighted has a super robust product roadmap, designed around the features that will help you use the platform more effectively. We’d be happy to loop you into those plans to see if any upcoming features align with your needs, send your request to our product team, or find a solution within our current feature suite that you might not have noticed yet!

We also have multiple features that exist in beta mode, and can be turned on for your account by our Customer Concierge team. Send us a note to see if the feature you’re looking for falls under that category!

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I have another question about pausing or canceling my account. Where should I go?

Our Customer Concierge team is here to help with any questions you have around your account and billing. Please send us an email with your questions and we'd be happy to answer them!

Just keep in mind that only admins are authorized to make or request changes to billing for an account.

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