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Cancelation FAQs:

  1. How do I cancel my account?
  2. Do you offer a free plan?
  3. Is it possible to temporarily pause my account and freeze payments?
  4. I wanted to downgrade my account, but the button is grayed out. Why?
  5. I can’t find a feature my team needs. Where can I find help?

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Thinking of cancelling? Consider these free and affordable options first

There may be ways to meet your needs a bit better. Reach out to our team at and let's chat! Helping you deliver sophisticated research in a cost-effective way is what we are all about!

Consider these options:

1 Start a free 14-day Trial Instead of cancelling, spend a couple of weeks exploring all the Premium features in Delighted — at no cost. Learn more at Try our free 14-day Premium trial
2 Pause billing with our Free Starter Don't cancel! Hit pause on your monthly billing by setting up a Free Starter plan — which retains 1 Delighted CX project, unlimited Surveys, and 25 responses each month. (That's just enough responses to keep an essential CX study rolling along!)

Jump back into a paid program if you need to launch a more extensive data collection program — even for just a month or two. Then pause again by switching to the Free Starter level

3 Switch from a Monthly plan to an Annual Allotment and save If you are a monthly user, opt in to the Annual Allotment rollover program and get a yearly pool of responses to use throughout the year — however you wish!

No more worrying about unused monthly responses going to waste. Plus, you'll save on your overall spend!

4 Stick to Surveys only!  Try Surveys Starter — the best bargain in the surveys category! Surveys can create any type of CX or deep-dive survey research program of your choice — with an unlimited number of Surveys and 100 responses to allocate monthly

5 Downgrade to Premium  Move from Premium Plus to Premium — and retain 500 responses and 10 users at half the cost of a Plus plan. Downgrade to even smaller plans if necessary!

6 Customize your plan Set up a chat to and let's customize a plan to fit your needs! Reach out. We'll be happy to help!

Weigh the options at

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Admins are authorized to make billing and plan changes to your account

Only your designation Delighted Admin is authorized to request changes to accounts, plans, and billing. (Click to learn more about Admins and other users.)

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1. How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account:

Head to "Account" → "Plans and billing"
Scroll to the bottom of the page
Click “Cancel my account” → to close the account and prevent future billing

For any requests related to cancellations or refunds, feel free to reach out

Are you being invoiced? Then contact us directly to cancel. 

If your Plans and Billing page says “Contact us to upgrade,” you are likely being invoiced.

To cancel, send us an email or click “Contact us to upgrade" to reach our Concierge team directly — and we'll help you get your cancellation request sorted.

Maintain a Free Starter plan!

Cancelling will impact access to your response data and limit your feedback collection capabilities moving forward, so consider switching to the  Free Starter plan instead — as explained in the next section!

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2. Do you offer a Free plan?


Use our Free Starter plan to freeze monthly billing and keep your account options open! Retain a Delighted CX project and unlimited Surveys — along with with 25 responses every month! That's just enough to keep your  research rolling until a bigger research effort is required. 

You can jump to a free plan, and then revert to a paid program whenever, and if-ever, you need to launch a larger survey research initiative for a month or two. Then, simply drop back to the Free Starter when you have finished gathering the information you need. 

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3. Is it possible to temporarily pause my account and freeze payments?


While we don't have a specific pause button, we don't want you to start over if you're simply pausing your campaign temporarily! See FAQ "2. Do you offer a free plan?" above.

Send us a note, we can help you move to a Free Starter plan and pause your billing for as long as you wish.

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4. I wanted to downgrade my account, but the button is grayed out. Why?

If the option is greyed out, it's likely that you're using features that are turned off in lower tiered accounts. To see exactly which features are preventing you from downgrading:

  • Hover over the "Unavailable" button to see a full list of the enabled Premium features preventing you from self-selecting a Free or lower-cost Premium plan
  • If you need help sorting out your selections, send us an email, or click the purple icon at the bottom of the page and start a chat. We're always happy to help you secure the plan of your choice

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5. I can’t find a feature my team needs. Where can I find help?

If there’s a feature you’re looking for in Delighted, fill out our feedback survey and let us know!

Delighted has a super robust product roadmap designed around new features proposed by our users. We’d be happy to loop you into our plans and updates. 

We are constantly integrating new features. Send us a note if you are interested in participating in our beta program and sharing your feedback with us! 

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