Accounts and User Types

When you log into your Delighted account, the level of access available depends on your user type—and trial accounts have their own unique considerations. Additionally, each Delighted plan includes a specified number of users. To learn everything you need to know about users, keep reading below!

Admin access

Only admins have access to your account’s user information and the ability to manage these users. If you do not have admin access within Delighted, reach out to your company’s admin to request access.

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User types

There are three user types available in Delighted. A user’s type is set when they are first invited to Delighted, but it can be edited at any time from the Users page by an account admin.

  • Limited: These users can view the Dashboard and survey responses, as well as create and manage Trends.

  • Standard: These users can customize and send surveys, access the API key, and adjust integrations, on top of the access features of Limited users.

  • Admin: These users have all of the access of Standard users. They can also create and manage Projects, change billing details, control users across Projects, and export data.

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User limits and inviting users

Inviting users is a quick process:

  1. From your Dashboard, click “Account” and then “Users”
  2. Type in the user's email address
  3. Select their permission level (Admin, Standard, or Limited)
  4. Select the Projects they should be able to access (Only available if you have multiple projects)
  5. Click “Send invite”

The number of users that you can add to your account is determined by your plan level. You can reference the number of users available on each plan by checking out our Pricing page.

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Trial account limitations

For trial accounts, you'll have full access to all Delighted features, including premium integrations, all of our platforms, advanced reporting, and more.

Certain features are limited to paying customers once the trial concludes. You can use these features fully while in trial mode, but when it comes time to choose a plan, only those that give access to the premium features you've set up in your account will be available to you. Check out our Pricing page for full details on what features are included in each plan.

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Signing out of Delighted

To sign out of your account, click “Account” and then choose “Sign out.”

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Creating a new account versus accessing an old account

When you create a new Project, you'll see the onboarding flow, walking you through how to set up a new survey. If you created a Project or opened a new account, the below will be an expected view.

However, if you're invited to join your company's account and are seeing this, it can be pretty confusing! Where is the company survey or project you expected?

For context, each email address can only be associated with one user in Delighted. If you’ve ever signed up for an account prior to receiving an invite to Delighted from your company, your email will already be associated with a Delighted user.

If you do have a previous Delighted account, you will be directed to that account when accepting your company’s invite. If you are seeing this onboarding flow or your own personal Delighted dashboard, rather than your company’s project, let us know. We can free up your email address, allowing you to successfully accept your company’s invite.

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