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Quick note on "Edit and send"

The  "Edit and send" button has replaced the "Survey people" button. (Great change, right!?) 

The deep-dive understandings that Admins learn along the way.

Admin Certification will take you on an expert-level discovery of Delighted CX. In short order, we’ll uncover ways to manage your program from top to bottom. 

Simply put, without Admins, Delighted projects simply don't work! Admins take the lead in:

  1. Managing users
  2. Allocating projects 
  3. Addressing security
  4. Administering plan limits & billing 
  5. Analyzing and segmenting feedback
  6. Reporting on and editing Feedback
  7. Investigating people and platform metrics
  8. Automating and integrating Delighted

That’s a hefty list. To make it all work, we recommend you take some time to design your research program—to organize around a proper plan.

To help pull the plan together, brainstorm with your team over coffee, tea, and a few biscuits and suss out the goals of your program. Outline the scope by deciding clearly what you wish to measure. Agreement on this imperative will make your program more balanced and manageable from the start, and is well worth a few chai lattes.

Then, publish your goals. Make the specifics of the plan clear to your organization—like a musical score is clear to an orchestra.

In musical terms, your research design is your sonata, the exposition—a clarifying explanation of the goals you’ll build into your CX projects with Delighted. Such planning will guide the Administrative decisions you’ll need to make along the way.

🎶 If you are looking for a planning model to consider, check out Designing cost-effective CX programs. This article uses touchpoints to guide the research design. Another approach can be found in our Help Center: see Onboarding How-to: How should I design my program? You can't go wrong with either approach.

With a proper plan in place, your next task is to get the most out of Delighted CX. And the task of this Admin Certification course is to help you do precisely that.

So, enough chatter! Let’s start!

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