Onboarding How-To: How Should I Design My CX Program?

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Introducing the onboarding guides

Whether it's your first time building a customer experience program or you're a seasoned CX pro, it can be a challenge deciding what to focus on when setting up a new project. We built these onboarding guides to help you through the decision making process — based on the industry or team you're on and what features should be prioritized as you get started.

The 7 areas of focus are:

Awareness Improve your web content and make a lasting impression
Consideration Enhance the sales discussion from pricing plan to feature fit
Loyalty Assess brand loyalty and identify key drivers of your experience
Onboarding Smooth our onboarding to maximize customer experience
Product Identify issues and feature gaps to improve product experience
Purchase Ease the transaction process and increase repurchase potential
Service Streamline customer service and resolve complaints faster

Albeit, just like creating a favorite dish, you may wish to adjust the recipe over time until it's exactly how you like it. Don't eat carrots? Leave them out! Really love pepper? Double the amount! In the same way, your XM program will need to be adjusted over time until it's just right for you and your team.

Looking for more?

The Delighted blog covers best practices for all types of survey experiences. Check out 52 popular customer satisfaction questions by customer journey to explore more ways to customize these survey experiences.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a survey type that best first the goals of your survey—want super quick, intuitive responses? Use a visual survey! Want to measure how easy it was to find information about your company? Use CES! Want to measure how satisfied customers are with your content? CSAT is the way to go!
  • Alerts can be set up to trigger an email notification to a specific team member when responses mention particular keywords. This can help your product teams focus in on the aspects of your site and content that they own


Things to consider:

  • Rather than having your sales team manually send follow-up email after each demo, integrate your CRM with Delighted to trigger those surveys automatically
  • You can also integrate in the other direction, syncing responses back to your CRM to provide context for future sales motions


Things to consider:

  • Throttling will prevent you from over-surveying across platforms, so enabling multiple platforms can help you reach your customers where they're most likely to respond with confidence
  • Not sure what properties to pass? Check out this article on choosing properties that are meaningful to your business!
  • No matter what CRM you use, our native integrations, webhooks, and API will allow you to sync data over. Review our integrations here to get started


Things to consider:

  • Trigger surveys using the platform that you use most commonly to interact with your customers. It can help increase response rates and make sure you're capturing as much timely feedback as possible
  • Pass properties related to the onboarding experience and the customer you're serving — who on your team served them? What pricing plan are they on? What features are they predominantly using? You can later use this data to segment your feedback, finding which cohorts are thriving, and which need more attention


Things to consider:

  • Additional questions can help you gather more context from the feedback you're receiving about your products. Ask scale questions about specific aspects of the product ("How satisfied are you with the quality/value/variety of our offering?"), and use free text or multiple choice questions to ask what customers' favorite and least favorite aspects are
  • If someone highly recommends your product, allow them to act on it! Customize the Thank you page to share a discount or referral code with satisfied customers


Things to consider:

  • If it's difficult to complete a purchase, you'll lose sales. Quickly identify any blockers to your customers with a survey that focuses on the ease of purchasing
  • Pick a platform based on how your customers are used to interacting with you—whether that's web, email, or text message. Sell in a physical location? You could even throw in a Kiosk touchpoint!


Things to consider:

  • Closing the loop is essential for service surveys. Reach out to customers who had a negative experience, make sure to resolve any outstanding issues, and identify trends to improve this experience over time
  • Additional questions can be used to ask about different aspects of the experience. How was the response time? How friendly was the agent? Was the process simple? These can be measured with scale questions, or with a multiple choice "What was the best part of your support experience?" question

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Guides by industry

Combining the above "recipes," adjusted to your liking, can help you create the perfect "meal" to satisfy any XM craving! Below we'll suggest combinations of feedback experiences that are a great starting point for your program, based on your industry.

We'll cover the below industries:

B2B SaaS

B2B Services

Consumer Goods

Consumer Services

On-Demand Services

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Guides by team

Combining the above "recipes," adjusted to your liking, can help you create the perfect "meal" to satisfy any XM craving! Below we'll suggest combinations of feedback experiences that are a great starting point for your program, based on your team.

We'll cover the below teams:

Customer Success

Customer Support



Product Management

Sales and Services

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