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All about Integrations for CX

Integrations connect Delighted CX to the tools you already use, whether you want to trigger post-purchase surveys from your Shopify store, sync feedback to Salesforce, or create support tickets in Zendesk. This article will serve as your integrations guide, helping you understand which platforms that you can connect with and where to find the rest of our integration documentation.

If you don’t see a tool you use in this section, send us an integration request to put it on our radar!

Setting up integrations

Each integration in Delighted is project specific. When setting up an integration, double check which project you’re in (look in the top left corner) to make sure you’ve configured it correctly.

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Integrations hosted inside of Delighted

Our out-of-the-box integrations can be set up with just a couple of clicks. Our integrations page is the best place to search through all of the integrations, and then link back to the Help Center to read details about set up and how they each work!

Premium integrations

The integrations marked as “Premium” are only available on certain plans. Check out our Pricing page for full details.

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Integrations hosted outside of Delighted

Many third-party platforms have created their own powerful Delighted integrations. Below is a brief description of each, along with quick links to the platforms and their Delighted setup documentation.

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  • Blendo: Sync Delighted response data to Blendo
  • Chameleon: Trigger Delighted surveys
  • Trigger Delighted surveys
  • Fomo: Share Delighted feedback
  • Grow: Report on Delighted feedback
  • HappyFox: Sync Delighted response data to HappyFox
  • Woopra: Sync Delighted response data to Woopra
  • Xplenty: Trigger Delighted surveys


Connect Blendo and Delighted to start syncing response data to a range of BI tools, data warehouses, or custom analytics stacks.

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As a Data Source, use the Delighted integration to sync response data into Chameleon (for targeting tours). As an Add On, send Delighted surveys from a Chameleon tour step.

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Set up triggers in to fire off a Delighted survey based on key moments in the customer lifecycle (ex. upgrade, purchase, etc.)

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Display new customer responses within the Fomo feed, which can be embedded anywhere on a site to make feedback public-facing.

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Visualize and track Delighted results alongside individual customer data—blending essential business data to help drive compelling stories, surface key insights, and more.

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View scores submitted by contacts via in-ticket detail, giving your HappyFox agents context into customer feedback when interacting with those folks via live chat.

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The Delighted-Woopra integration will bring Delighted survey response data directly into the Woopra platform. The submissions are tracked as actions on the profile of the user who responded, allowing for easy and instant visibility of responses and any comments provided.

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Xplenty offers a data connector service similar to Zapier, allowing you to push Delighted response data into other third-party platforms, such as CRMs, Help Desks, and data warehouses.

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