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Delighted Projects allow you to create and toggle between the surveys that make up your Feedback initiatives. Each Project includes a dynamic Dashboard, revealing insights from your data in real time.

Configuring your Projects with a host of options, including insightful survey types (like NPS, CSAT, and 5-Star), efficient distribution platforms (like Email, Web, and Kiosk), and engaging customizations (like images, colors, and branding), empowers you to bring your team’s entire CX program under one roof.

Adding multiple Projects

Adding Multiple Projects is a feature limited to paid accounts. For more details about the plans available, head to our Pricing page.

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Using Projects to expand your CX program

The Customer Experience (CX) combines each and every touchpoint in a customer’s journey. Consistently monitoring, improving, and evolving each step along that journey is the imperative of a competitive CX program.

Think of CX as a control panel, with you and Delighted at the helm. Each customer touchpoint, ranging from onboarding to churn, has its own independent controls. As you listen to your customers, new insights will help you to drive improvements, pushing every experience touchpoint up and to the right.

The benefit of each Project having its own customizations, settings, and integrations is that you can push and pull data more specifically around your organization, and craft unique survey experiences for every touchpoint. Here are a few examples of ways you can use Projects to achieve your CX goals:

  • Set up triggers: Set up a separate CSAT Project to fire off support-focused surveys, or a CES Project to survey customers after they visit your Help Center. You can continue to run your NPS survey based on the rules you’ve already defined—with no disruption to that sending cadence or logic!
  • Protect your data: Configure your NPS Dashboard to sync survey responses to Slack, while keeping your eNPS feedback anonymous within your Delighted account.
  • Divide your responses: Design different Projects for various moments in the customer lifecycle, so that data regarding the onboarding process remains separate from post-purchase or post-support touchpoints.

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Setting up a new Project

Setting up a new Project is simple, and any admin in your Delighted account can do it!

  1. Click on the Projects menu in the top left-hand corner of the Dashboard and choose “+ Create a New Project”
  2. Select a Survey Type
  3. Set up your first Distribution Platform
  4. Customize your survey’s branding, colors, and more
  5. Add people to be surveyed (this step will depend on which platform you chose in #3)

Once your Project has been set up and feedback is rolling in, you can:

  1. Review your responses and act on your feedback
  2. Analyze your data and create reports
  3. Integrate with other applications

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Opening an existing Project

Open any Project by clicking on its name in the Projects menu.

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Editing Project-level settings

To adjust your Project-level settings, click the gear icon in the Projects menu next to the Project you’d like to edit. Projects are independent of one another, so these settings are specific to the Project you select.

  • Project name: Enter the name to be listed in the Projects menu. (This name does not affect your survey question, brand/product name, or any other survey customization settings.
  • Survey time window: Adjust the time period that dictates how the score is calculated in your Dashboard, Trends, and Digest. (The default is 30 days, which reflects recency and helps reduce noise).
  • Survey throttling: Prevent survey respondents from receiving multiple surveys within a time period of your choosing. (See Throttling to learn more).

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Deleting Projects

To delete a project, click on the projects menu in the top left-hand corner of your Dashboard, and choose the gear icon to the right of the project name you wish to delete. If you have the ability to delete that project, you'll see a red "Delete this project" icon on the bottom of the menu. Clicking this button will take you to a confirmation screen that outlines what will be deleted along with your project.

Click on the "Delete this project" button to delete your project. This action cannot be undone.

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Understanding Projects as an account admin

Account admins are able to create and manage Projects. Below, we’ll review some of the key considerations to understand about Projects as an account admin:

  • Consolidated billing: Just one billed account covers all of your Delighted Projects (See Plans and Billing)
  • User control: You control which team members have access to which Projects, and with which permission levels (See Accounts and User Types)
  • Secure and protected data: You own your data in Delighted, and can export it at any time (See Data Protection)

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FAQs: Projects

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Can I remove a Project?


You can remove projects by clicking on the gear icon next to the project in the projects menu and then choosing "Delete this project."

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Are settings and integrations global across all of my Projects?


When creating a new Project, make sure to review all settings, customizations, and integrations to confirm they are configured properly for that particular Project. Each Project will also have its own API key.

These independent settings and connections allow you to push and pull data more precisely and securely. (Read more in the 8. Integrating with Other Applications section).

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Can I ask multiple questions with Delighted?


By default, each Delighted survey consists of your CX metric question and an open-ended comment question.

In addition, you can use multiple Projects to ask multiple question types, like NPS versus CSAT. Delighted also allows up to 10 Additional Questions to be added to each survey.

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Will Delighted Projects interface with Qualtrics?


Delighted’s data will upload seamlessly into Qualtrics with a simple CSV file. If you’re interested in exploring the capabilities of Qualtrics, reach out to us or check out this article.

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Can I change my Project survey type?

Once a Project has been set up, it's not possible to change the survey type. This is because there's no way to change the data format from one survey type to another (for example, an NPS survey with data on a scale from 0-10 would not easily translate to a CSAT project with data on a scale from 1-5).

If you create a project and need to change the survey type, we recommend the following:
  • If you're on a premium plan or higher, delete the project and create a new one.
  • If you're on a free plan or trial, cancel your account and create a new one. Alternatively, you can change the email address associated with your account and create a new account to re-use the same email address. Do this by heading to Account > Email address.

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