Annual Allotment & Rollover Plan

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Introducing the Annual Allotment plan

Opt in to Delighted's Annual Allotment rollover program and get a yearly pool of responses to use throughout the year. No more worrying about unused monthly responses going to waste.

Switch from monthly billing to the Annual Allotment rollover plan by emailing and requesting a change. (Check your email for verification.)

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The Benefits of Annual Allotment rollovers

If you are on a monthly plan, switch to a cost-effective Annual plan, and manage your full response allocation flexibly through the year. You be in a happier place to: 

1 Address seasonal surges An Annual Allotment lets you pool responses and unleash them on quarterly blasts or seasonal surges
2 Launch high-impact campaigns Use your Annual Allotment to track product updates, pricing changes, set new baselines, or uncover e-commerce issues
3 Avoid the monthly scramble Plan campaigns on your terms with an Annual Allotment. Use your response pool whenever you need insights, not when the monthly clock runs out
4 Get more value and save 10% Moving to an Annual Allotment offers a cost-effective way to manage your survey responses
5 What's the downside? Crickets chirping . . .

Switch from Monthly to Annual and save 10%

If you're on a monthly plan and thinking about the Annual Allotment program, take the first step now — saving money in the process:

Log into your account → and click "Pricing & Billing"
Scroll down and toggle the switch from "Monthly" to "Yearly"
Then, apply to join our Annual Allotment plan as we explain next!

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Ready to join our Annual Allotment plan?

Join our Annual Allotment plan by simply emailing, or:

Click the "Account button"
Click "Pricing & Billing"
Scroll down and pick "Contact us" 
Check your email for verification and updates!
Return to your account's Pricing & Billing section to track your Annual Allotment usage

Disclosures & FAQs!

Full disclosure — here's the tl;dr:

  1. Will my rollover responses expire at the end of the year? 

    Yes. Unused responses from your Annual Allotment will expire at the end of your billing cycle. Plan your sends to utilize your annual response volume before your renewal date. 

  2. Can I upgrade after moving to an Annual Allotment?

    Absolutely! We're happy to help you upgrade your plan! Just contact and we'll reach out about our upgraded plans. 

  3. Can I use future responses now or must I bank my rollovers first?

    You can start using them instantly! The allocation is for the entire year. 

  4. What happens if I still have rollover responses in the bank, and switch back to a monthly plan?

    Continue to use your full allocation of responses until the end of your billing year. After that, return to a monthly quota by switching back to a monthly plan. 

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