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Data visualizations in Delighted's Over time report

The Delighted CX Over time report is designed to track your key metrics in both graph and table formats to help ensure that your team is continually moving the needle in a positive direction.

The key visualizations include . . .
1 The bar chart
2 The deltas table

1. The bar chart

At the top of the Over time report is a bar chart displaying your core metric and the breakdown of responses in each score group over time, broken into segments based on the filters applied at the top of the report.

Hovering over a bar will give you more details, including the percentage of responses in each score group from that time segment and the number of responses contributing to those percentages.

2. The deltas table

The deltas table helps you see numerically whether your customer experience is improving by calculating the month-over-month percentage change in your core metric. This percentage change is supplemented by the response counts and percentages associated with each score group.

A note about calculating the NPS delta

NPS is calculated on a scale from -100 to 100, so the percentage change that you're seeing might seem funky at first glance. For example, in the image above, the first change from an NPS of 62 to an NPS of 71 is actually a 6% change, even though it reflects a change of 9 NPS points. If you have any questions about the calculation of these deltas, feel free to reach out!

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Filtering the Over time report

Use the three drop-down filters at the top of the Over time report to render the bar chart.

Filter the Over time report based on . . .
1 Time frame Last quarter, last year, or a custom range
2 Frequency Yearly, quarterly, monthly, or weekly—these options will adjust based on how wide the time frame you’ve specified is to keep the graph legible
3 Response group All responses, score group, or Trends (from properties you’ve passed to Delighted)
A note about date filters

Filtering your report by date will filter feedback based on when the response was submitted, not based on when the survey was originally sent. This is different than in the Metrics tab, which filters engagement data based on when you send your surveys.

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Exporting the Over time report

To export the data in the Over time report, click the Export as CSV button on the top right-hand corner of the report. This will export a CSV file with a breakdown of the following data for each time period in the bar graph:

  • Core metric
  • Response count
  • Response count by score group
  • Response percentage by score group

Currently, it is not possible to export a PDF of the Over time report. We recommend taking a screenshot of the page to share with your team!

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Use case: When should I use the Over time report?

We recommend using the Over time report as a way to benchmark against your own performance. While it can be nice to compare your NPS or CSAT score to industry standards, the best comparison is against your own score last month, last quarter, and last year! Use this report to share your company's progress with your team, and to identify when changes are (or aren’t) hitting their mark.

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