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Introducing the People Tab

The People tab stores the data for everyone you've surveyed in your Template, no matter which platform or scheduling method you have selected for your campaigns. It presents a historical record: "Here’s who you surveyed, here is when they were surveyed, and—with a click—here's their feedback."

The People tab is Template-specific

Each Template in your account is independent, so we won't list People you've surveyed from another Template or from Delighted Surveys.

Before jumping into the details, view the last 3 minutes of this video from our Admin training series. Jump to timestamp 7:30 for an overview of how to manage and sort the People page. 

Add new recipients at the platform level, not in the People Tab

For example, upload multiple recipients into your Email platform with a simple CSV file. Consider Autopilot when adding folks to recurring surveys. Upload people from your CRM with an integration or with our API.

The People tab is divided into three sections:

  • Active people
  • Unsubscribed people
  • Bounced people

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Active people

The Active people section contains every respondent that you have sent (or scheduled) a survey to, except those who have unsubscribed or bounced.

On this page, you'll see the email address (or phone number) and the name of each contact, along with when their most recent survey was sent or when their next survey is scheduled. You also have the option to delete each contact.

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Unsubscribed people

The Unsubscribed people section contains everyone who has unsubscribed ( or been unsubscribed) from emails surveys (Note: SMS unsubscribes are handled uniquely from email - see the section on unsubscribing people below for more detail).

On this page, you’ll see the email address (or phone number) and the name of each contact, along with when they unsubscribed. You also have the option to delete each contact.

If you need to re-subscribe someone, reach out to our team and we can help out!

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Bounced people

An email can bounce for a number of reasons, including an invalid email address or a full inbox. When emails bounce, we add them to this list and do not attempt to send to these addresses again.

On the Bounced page, you’ll see the email address of every bounced respondent, their name, when their email bounced, and an option to delete that contact.

If someone has been added to the bounced list in error, please send us a note and we can remove them!

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Viewing the response history for a person

From any of the pages on the People tab, you can click on the name or email of a particular contact to view more information about them, including a history of the feedback they've left in this Template, as well as a history of all of the activity associated with that contact.

On that individual person page, along the left side, you'll see the respondent's status, how many times they've been surveyed, any change in their score, and when they can next be surveyed (according to their throttle period).

Under the Feedback section, view all of the responses a contact has left. Clicking on the timestamp to the right of the response will take you to the Permalink page for that response, where you can see the properties and other details associated with that specific response.

Under the Activity section, you'll see a running list of every interaction you've had with a particular contact. Clicking on each interaction will give you further details.

"Survey not sent due to previous bounce or unsubscribe"

Sometimes, you'll send to someone who is listed under the Active people tab, but under close inspection, that person is marked as Inactive. On the Activity tab, you may see the status "Survey not sent due to previous bounce or unsubscribe."

Usually, this means that someone unsubscribed from all Delighted surveys in the past, no matter who is sending them, and we'll respect that by not sending them your surveys, either. This status might also mean that when another Delighted customer has tried to send surveys to this email in the past, those survey emails bounced. We won't attempt to send to this email address in this case either.

If you're seeing this status and have questions, feel free to send us a note.

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Deleting people from Delighted Templates

You can delete people from within Templates or via the API.

When you delete a person from Templates, all data and responses associated with them will be deleted, fulfilling all GDPR ‘right to be forgotten’ requirements. Here's a list of the data that is removed once someone is deleted:

  • Surveys (including any scheduled or pending surveys)
  • Responses (scores, comments, notes, and tags)
  • Properties
  • Autopilot membership
  • Survey history
  • Links to integrations (such as Segment or Intercom)
  • Unsubscribe/bounce status

To delete a person from within Templates:

Visit the "People" tab.
Click on the “Delete” link to the right of the person you'd like to delete.
A window will appear to confirm if you wish to delete that person. Click “Delete this person” to proceed.
The person will be deleted. (This process can take a few minutes to complete.)

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Unsubscribing people from Templates

You can unsubscribe a single email address or a list of addresses at any time from the People tab. Simply click “Unsubscribe a person” along the left-hand side and enter the email address(es) to be unsubscribed. Once someone has been unsubscribed, they will no longer be sent emails for any Templates survey.

We also offer an unsubscribe endpoint if you're leveraging our API. This can be a great option if you'd like to automatically unsubscribe folks based on specific activity (like churn).

If you need to resubscribe a person, or group of people, let us know and we can resubscribe them on our side!

Unsubscribing from SMS

If respondents reply to SMS surveys with an opt-out keyword like “STOP,” “UNSUBSCRIBE,” or “CANCEL,” they will be automatically unsubscribed from future Templates surveys. (These keywords come from our text provider, Twilio). However, these respondents will not be listed on the unsubscribed page. If you have any questions about unsubscribing from SMS surveys, let us know!

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You can search on the People tab to find a specific contact.

To search on the People page, keep in mind:

  • Only Email or SMS numbers can be searched at this time (names are not supported)
  • The Email or SMS number must match exactly with the Person record in Templates (no partial searches are supported)

When you search for someone on the People tab, their status will show as blank. Just click into that person's record to learn more about their recent surveys!

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