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Introducing Response History pages

A Response History page (aka, Response Details page) reveals every interaction a respondent has had (or is scheduled to have) with a Delighted Template—all the sends; all the responses; every interaction.  

For an overview of the reporting available in Response History pages, view an  excerpt from our Admin learning series.

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Response History vs. Permalink pages

Don't confuse Response History pages with Permalink pages. 

  • Permalink pages post the details from a single response (ex. score point selection, comment, additional questions answered, etc.)
  • Response history pages detail all of the interactions a respondent has ever had with a Template

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Opening Response History pages

In CX, the links that open Response History pages can appear as "Email" addresses, "Names," or by anonymous "Person (123456789)" identifiers. The difference is set by the survey platform and any known properties available about the respondent. For example:

Respondents who answer an Email survey are easily identified by their email addresses.
Link platform surveys are typically anonymous and use a unique identifier, such as “Person (1234567890)."
You may know a participant's name, which can be added to a survey as a property. A property name can come from your CRM via an integration, or from a CSV file uploaded into your Email platform

Open Response History pages by clicking the links found on:

Open from the Dashboard Comment tiles
Click either the "Email" address, "Name," or the anonymous "Person (123456789)" identifier in the top-left corner of any Comment tile.
Click to "Return to Dashboard" to return to additional Comment tiles on the CX Dashboard.

Open from the People tab

Click the People tab to open a list of everyone ever surveyed in a project. From the People tab's list, you can access the response histories from all of your respondents by:

Clicking the "People tab" to open a list of everyone ever surveyed in a project.
Selecting either the "Name," "Email" address, or the anonymous "Person (123456789)" identifier from the column./dd>
Picking to "Return to People" to return to the People tab's list.

Open a Permalink page by clicking on the "timestamp" on any Comment tile.
Click either the "Email" address, or "Name," or the anonymous "Person (123456789)" identifier in the top-left corner of any Comment tile to open the Response History.

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The information available on a Response History page

There's a lot to unpack on a Response History page. Let’s power through the list.

Name: A quick note—remember that anonymous surveys replace names with Person and a number, like 123456789.
Email address: Again, only if this survey response is not anonymous.
Status: Here you’ll notice if a participant is Active or Inactive.
Survey frequency: This posts the number of times the respondent has been surveyed.
Last surveyed: This date stamp displays the last time they were sent or shown a survey.
Can be surveyed again: This shows exactly when the Throttle period ends for this person (by default, this will be 30 days after their last surveyed time).
Delete this person: This link will purge a person’s entire record! Importantly, this Delete option is only available to Admins.
Feedback tab: This tab, open by default, displays a copy of the Comment tiles as seen on the Dashboard. (And you can open the Permalink page, Additional Questions summary, and the Tags page from this tile!)
Export Feedback: Click this link to download a CSV (spreadsheet) copy of this Response History.
Permalink page link & timestamp: Quick quick link to open the corresponding Permalink page.
Additional Question icon: Look and see how many Additional Questions have been added to this survey project. Clicking the icon opens the Permalink page that hosts the answers.
Copy of the Comment tile: This copy of the Comment tile from the Dashboard is fully enabled and should save you time linking to a Comment tile's links and information. (This includes any Tags applied to the comment, as seen in the above image.)

Activity tab: Click this tab to reveal the date and time of each interaction you’ve had with this respondent.
Activity events list: Click on each entry to see more information about the individual activity, such as which properties were included in a survey request.

Export all activity: Select the Export link if you wish to download to a CSV (spreadsheet) file every interaction a respondent has had within this project.

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