Exporting Data

Can I export my data?


We are simply stewards of your data. Admins can export all response data for each project from the Dashboard.

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How do I export my data?

To export data:

  1. Head to your Dashboard
  2. Scroll down along the left side and choose “Export data”
  3. Optional: specify a date range for your export
  4. Click "Export as CSV"

You can also follow this quick link to the export page.

For information about how to export a specific report, check out the article for that report type in section 7. Reporting and Analysis.

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Who can export data?

Admins can export data.

Standard and Limited users do not have access to export data.

For more information about user types, check out Accounts and User Types.

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What is the format of the export?

By default, all exports will be in CSV format.

Upon request, we can switch your exports to XLSX—just send us a note and we can make that adjustment!

The export file will include a row for every response that you’ve received and a column for every detail—from the score and comment, to the respondent’s contact information, to every property that you’ve passed along to Delighted. Note that filters applied to your Dashboard will not be applied to the export.

A note about file size

Once you have a larger volume of responses (generally around 500), we’ll email you a link to download your export file rather than downloading your export file immediately. If you have any issues receiving the download link, be sure to let us know.

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Can I import data into my account?

Our Concierge team can help you import data into your account!

Whether you're trying to migrate data from one project to another, or you're looking to import historical data from another platform into Delighted, reach out to our Concierge team and we can discuss options for importing that data.

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