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Can I export my data?


We are simply stewards of your data. Admins and Standard users can export all survey responses, sent surveys, and scheduled surveys for each project from the Dashboard, as well as export more specific data sets, such as Trends, Reports, and People data. Exports are downloaded in a CSV format, an can be opened by Excel, Numbers, and other spreadsheet applications, as in this example using Google Sheets.

Export automatically to Google Sheets

Delighted's Google Sheets integration takes survey responses from Delighted and syncs them into Google Sheets for custom reports and seamless collaboration outside of the Delighted app.

With this integration, you’ll never need to manually export and upload your Delighted data into Google Sheets again.

See how easy it is to set up this integration by visiting The Google Integration page in this Help Center.

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What data export options are available?

There are three export options available within Delighted:

  1. Survey responses export: all survey responses that have been recorded
  2. Sent surveys export: all surveys that have been sent or displayed to customers 
  3. Scheduled surveys export: all upcoming surveys that have been scheduled, but not yet sent

These exports will generate a CSV of the selected data, with a column containing a timestamp, person fields and each property included on the survey. In the case of the survey responses and sent surveys export, a column for each answered question will also be included.

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How do I export my data?

To export data:

Head to your Dashboard.
Scroll down along the left side and choose “Export data.”
Select your export type.
Specify a date range for your export.
Click "Export as CSV."

You can also follow this quick link to the export page.

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Who can export data?

Admins and Standard users can export data.

Limited users do not have access to export data.

For more information about user types, check out Accounts and User Types.

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What is the format of the export?

By default, all exports will be in CSV format.

Upon request, we can switch your exports to XLSX—just send us a note and we can make that adjustment!

The export file will include a row for every response that you’ve received and a column for every detail—from the score and comment, to the respondent’s contact information, to every property that you’ve passed along to Delighted. Note that filters applied to your Dashboard will not be applied to the export.

A note about file size

Once you have a larger volume of responses (generally around 500), we’ll email you a link to download your export file rather than downloading your export file immediately. If you have any issues receiving the download link, be sure to let us know.

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Can I import data into my account?

Our Concierge team can help you import data into your account if you are a premium customer!

Whether you're trying to migrate data from one project to another, or you're looking to import historical data from another platform into Delighted, reach out to our Concierge team and we can discuss options for importing that data.

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What other exports are available?

There are a couple of other places within the Delighted platform where you'll see the option to export data.

Report exports

On the Reports tab, you'll see an export button associated with each of the reports we offer. Follow the links below to learn more about what each of these exports includes!

Trend exports

You'll also see an option to export any of your Trends as a CSV along the left side of the page when you have opened a specific Trend. Exporting a Trend as a CSV will give you a file with a row for every response that you’ve received and a column for every detail—from the score and comment, to the respondent’s contact information, to every property that you’ve passed along to Delighted—that applies to that Trend.

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What does it mean if sent surveys are "suppressed," "exhausted," or "dispatched"?

Most sent surveys have the status of "surveyed," then "opened," then "responded," as the recipient follows the typical pattern of receiving and filling out the survey. However, you may see other statuses that indicate a survey was not sent.

  • Suppressed: A survey send will be suppressed if attempts to survey that recipient in the past have bounced, or if that recipient has previously unsubscribed from Delighted surveys. We will not attempt to re-send these surveys
  • Exhausted: A survey will be listed as "exhausted" if it was not sent due to your plan limits being hit. These survey sends will be queued and sent as soon as your billing period refreshes.
  • Dispatched: Surveys with the status "dispatched" are waiting to be sent. Likely, these are SMS surveys that were scheduled outside of the Smart Scheduling timeline we employ. As soon as the recipient's timezone falls within our Smart Scheduling hours, we will send the SMS survey. If this is an Email survey, make sure that you've fully set up the Email platform—usually these surveys are waiting to go out until that platform has been fully set up!

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