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Google Sheets integration overview

Track the status of projects, share feedback, and analyze your data with Google Sheets. 

After the initial set-up, the integration automatically:

  1. Creates a new tab in your spreadsheet named after the linked project.
  2. Generates a column for each response field. 
  3. Populates each incoming response in a new row.
  4. Creates a new tab for each alert rule from a single project

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Setting up the Google Sheets integration

Part 1

Open the "Integrations" tab and choose "Google Sheets."
Click “Connect to Google Sheets.”
You’ll be redirected to Google's login page. Choose the account you want connected to Delighted. 
Select the third permission on the following page adjacent to the Drive icon: "See, edit, create and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app." Note: this permission must be selected.
Pick "Continue."

Part 2

After connecting to Sheets, you’ll be directed back to Delighted:

Click “+ Add a new rule” to create the rule that will generate new rows in your spreadsheet as responses are received.
If you are setting up the integration for the first time, select "+ New spreadsheet" and name the spreadsheet that will sync with Delighted. 
Note: If your target spreadsheet has previously been created by the integration, select that spreadsheet from the drop-down menu.
Optional: Click "Send test" to populate the spreadsheet with a test response.
Optional: Backfill any existing data (that meets the rule criteria) to the sheet by checking "Send a one-time Backfill."
Optional: Add additional rules to sync with as many unique spreadsheets as you wish.
Click “Save & turn on.”

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Viewing responses in Google Sheets

The integration creates a column for each field included in the response—including a combination of native response fields (ex. Project Name, Survey Type, Response ID, Response Timestamp, Name, Email, Response URL, Score & Comment), as well as custom fields (ex. Additional Question answers and Properties).

The instant a new response is collected in Delighted, a new row is added to the connected spreadsheet(s). 

Here’s a sample of what to expect:

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Connecting multiple alert rules from a single project to the same Google Sheet

Connect multiple alert rules from a single project to the same Google spreadsheet.

For example—to sync all "Promoters" to one tab and sync all "Detractors" to another tab within the same Google Sheet:

Log into the Google Integration as explained in the Setting up the Google Sheets integration above and: 
> Select "Add a new rule." 
> Pick All "Promoters" from the drop-down list.
> Choose "+ New spreadsheet" and give it name.
> Click "Send a one-time backfill."
> Select "Save & turn on."
Go to Google Sheets and open the new spreadsheet created by the integration and:
> Rename the first tab in the Google Sheet (ex. "Promoters). 
Note: Renaming a tab will not disrupt the integration.
Return to Delighted and:
> Set-up a new alert rule to sync All "Detractors."
> Select the same Google Sheet as your "Promoters" alert rule.
> Click "Send a one-time backfill."
> Press "Save changes." 
Rename the new tab "Detractors."

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Can I connect multiple projects to the same Google Sheet?


Across projects, the integration is aware of all spreadsheets that have been created by the Google integration. This allows you to sync feedback from multiple projects into one spreadsheet. 

Each project's data will populate in a unique tab within the connected spreadsheet, giving you a view of all Delighted data in one workspace.

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I just received a response. Why am I not seeing a notification in Google Sheets?

By default, we include a 10-minute delay between a response being received in Delighted and a new row being created in Google Sheets. This delay ensures that respondents have adequate time to leave comments before syncing begins.

Beyond this delay, the most common reason a row might not appear is tied to the condition and specification rules for row creation. For example, if you uses the rule, “Only promoters who comment,” no rows will sync until a Delighted response meets that exact specification.

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Why can't I sync data to any spreadsheet in my Google Sheets Account?

For security reasons, Delighted's integration cannot view spreadsheets in your Google Sheets account that it did not create. 

As a result, you cannot sync data to pre-existing spreadsheets created outside of the Delighted Google integration.

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Can I sync data between Delighted and Google Sheets in any other ways?


Utilizing Delighted's Zapier app, we offer a handful of additional ways to sync Delighted responses and trigger Delighted surveys based on activity in Google Sheets. For a full list of Triggers and Actions, check out the Delighted + Google Sheets Zapier page. 

Note: These functions are supported outside of Delighted's Google Sheets integration.

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