About our Core CX Training & Certification

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The just-in-time learnings you need to start smart!

Looking for Delighted Surveys training?

Visit Getting Started with Delighted Surveys and quickly learn all there is to know about our exciting new product!

Delighted CX is easy to use — so our training should be delightfully easy as well. 

Core CX is a video-based course taking about an hour to view. There are two tracks: 

  1. Just the Core CX videos
    • 7 core videos (~1 hour)
  2. Core Certification
    • 7 core videos (~1 hour)
    • 7 quizzes (~5 minutes each)
    • 7 “Show notes” (Optional articles that may be worth a look)
    • 1 final Core CX Certification exam (~30 minutes)

Proceed to the track that suits you!

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Core CX videos only, please

We get it. You’re busy. So we’ve made learning the basics as snappy as we can. Enjoy these short videos. Watch in sequence or casually click on those of high interest.

Quick note on "Edit and send"

The  "Edit and send" button has replaced the "Survey people" button. (Great change, right!?) 

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Core CX videos & certification

If certification is your choice, we’ll toss eight helpful quizzes and a 50-question test into your lane. At videos’ end, take the Core Certification Exam to test your knowledge and to show your skills.

The 50 Core exam questions come directly from the quizzes, which breaks your test prep up into eight bite-sized bits. 

Quick note on "Edit and send"

The " Edit and send" button has replaced the "Survey people" button. (Great change, right!?) 

Passing is set at 85%. And you will pass, because retakes are okay with us—plus we give feedback after each quiz and every exam.

A sweet digital certificate and the confidence that you’re getting the most out of Delighted are your rewards!

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