Module 4: All About Distribution Platforms

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In this Module:

  • Setup and distribution of each of the Delighted platforms:
    • The Email platform
    • The Web platform
    • The SMS platform
    • The Link platform
    • The Kiosk platform
    • The iOS SDK platform

You can watch this video directly on YouTube here.

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Hello again. This is Ellie with the Delighted Customer Concierge Team. It’s great to have you back!

In this video, we’ll showcase multiple ways to send surveys to the people that will provide the insights you’re looking for. If you wish to go hands-on, open the demo account at and follow our clicks!

To view the distribution platform options, click on the Survey people button. This will open the platforms page, where you’ll see a tile for each of Delighted’s distribution platforms, including: 

  • Email
  • Web
  • SMS
  • Link
  • Kiosk, and 
  • iOS SDK

You can send out your survey from just one platform, or use multiple to distribute your surveys. If you deploy multiple platforms, rest easy. Delighted will automatically protect you against over-sampling with our throttling feature, so your customers are not inundated with multiple surveys coming in from every angle. 

As a reminder, throttling is set to 30 days by default, meaning you can’t send a survey to someone more than once a month. The throttle can be viewed and adjusted on the Projects settings page in the Projects dropdown menu.

If you haven’t yet activated a distribution, the words Set up will appear in the blue buttons in the platform tiles. In this image, SMS, Link, Kiosk, and iOS SDK have not been set up yet, so they are not part of the distribution mix.

However, two visible changes, seen in both the Email and Web tiles, indicate that these two distributions ARE in the mix. First, a Gear icon appears when a platform is active. Use the gears to open various editing and customization features. Second, the words in the blue button change. For Email, it reverts from Set up to Survey people. The Web tile’s button changes to Adjust settings. 

For the rest of this video, we’ll give a preview of each of our platforms, starting with Email. Keep in mind that you can always find more details about each platform in the Help Center, under section 3: Distribution Platforms and Sending.

Also keep in mind that the Delighted survey flow is the same, no matter which distribution platform you choose. First, respondents will answer your main survey question, be that NPS, CSAT, or another survey type. Then, they’ll see the open-ended comment page. Next, they’ll answer any Additional Questions you’ve added to the survey before being shown the Thank you page.

The Email Platform

First up is the email platform. Delighted embeds the first question of a survey into the email itself to ensure higher response rates. Email is optimized for desktop and mobile, so your participants will always receive a rendered survey that is super easy to take. We even capture the response as soon as the score is clicked, so you can be sure you’re not missing any feedback that customers submit.

You can send your email surveys in a couple of ways. First, we’ll talk about manual, one-time sends. Sending your survey manually means that you will import a list of recipients to be surveyed, and Delighted will send out the invite email to those recipients. You can import a list and send out your one-time send immediately, or you can schedule the send for some time in the future. This type of sending can be done by heading to the platforms page, clicking “Survey people” under email, choosing the One-time send tab, and uploading your list.

The second way to send is via our Autopilot feature. Rather than sending a one-time survey that you schedule, Autopilot allows you to set up recurring surveys to your respondents. For example, you can set up Autopilot with a 3-month cadence. Each recipient that you add to Autopilot will receive a survey once every 3 months, but we will automatically spread out sending to all of your recipients over that three month period, so you’re constantly receiving feedback.

Autopilot gives you the option to send every 3 months, 6 months, or year. You can add, remove, and update people in your Autopilot list by heading to the platforms page, clicking “Survey people” under email, and choosing the Autopilot tab.

Both of those options are somewhat manual, because they require you to log into Delighted and import a list of people to survey. However, you can also send or trigger surveys automatically with the email platform.

The first option for sending email surveys automatically is using the API. Our API allows you to send a one-time email survey, or to add people to Autopilot.

To learn more about these endpoints, head to the API documentation in your Delighted account by navigating to Integrations and then choosing API. Sending to people and Adding people to Autopilot are the two endpoints you’ll want to check out!

Finally, you can use integrations to automatically send surveys. Delighted has tons of integrations that will allow you to connect to the platforms your team is already using, helping you to further integrate feedback into your regular processes.

For example, integrating with Shopify will allow you to send a survey every time an order is placed. Integrating with Zendesk allows you to send a survey every time a ticket is closed.

Head to the Integrations tab to see all of the integrations that are offered, and keep in mind that the API can be used, especially in conjunction with a workflow software like Zapier, to build your own integrations!

The SMS Platform

Next up is the SMS platform. The pervasiveness of text messaging means that SMS surveys trend high in overall engagement metrics, especially if you already have text-based communication with your customers. 

Delighted SMS surveys don’t require a smartphone. All that's needed is a participant's mobile number. The experience is text based, so in the rare case that your customers are still tethered to standard cell phones and limited messaging plans, they can still complete your survey. Because the SMS platform uses two-way SMS, sending is restricted in some countries. We also do not offer Additional Questions for SMS surveys.

Timing is a key factor affecting SMS response rates and feedback quality. As you can imagine, no customer wants to receive a text message at 2:00 A.M. begging for a “quick response.” Delighted’s Smart Scheduling ensures that customers are surveyed at appropriate times.

Options for sending via SMS are super similar to the email platform, starting with the simplest option: manual, one-time sends.

You can send manual, one-time sends with the SMS platform by clicking Survey people to head to the platforms page, then choosing Survey people under the SMS tile. Make sure you’re in the One-time send tab, import your list, and then either send immediately or schedule for sending in the future.

You can also use Autopilot to set up recurring SMS surveys to your respondents. Same as with the email platform, add, remove, and update people in your Autopilot list by heading to the platforms page, clicking “Survey people” under email, and choosing the Autopilot tab.

The API also allows you to trigger automatic SMS surveys to customers, either with one-time sends or via Autopilot. The endpoints to achieve this are the same as with email; just make sure you pass the Channel parameter, set to SMS, and include a phone number in your API call!

None of Delighted’s native integrations will trigger SMS surveys, but you can use the API in conjunction with any of your platforms, or through a platform like Zapier, to achieve similar functionality!

The Web Platform

Now, let’s switch to the Web platform.

Delighted web surveys appear at the very bottom of any page you add them to, non-disruptive to the site viewing experience. Web surveys are optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing, so the visitor will have a clean user experience regardless of the device they are using.

Minimal technical knowledge is required to launch Delighted Web surveys! We’ll give you a bit of JavaScript to embed anywhere on your site, but all customization of the survey appearance happens within your account. This code-free customization lets you make changes to your survey in real-time without having to update the embedded JavaScript code or disrupting the normal activity on your site.

When you set up the Web platform, you’ll get to choose the cadence at which surveys are displayed. For example, you can survey all visitors just once, or you can set up recurring surveys to display every 6 months for each visitor.

Delighted Web surveys use Adaptive Sampling to ensure that you receive a smooth rate of feedback by surveying your site visitors at a regular tempo. We base sampling on a number of factors, including your current plan and your website’s traffic. This means we won’t display the survey to everyone, but instead we will help you use your allowed survey sends smartly across the whole billing period.

The Link Platform

Next up is the Link platform, the most flexible of all Delighted distribution platforms.

The link platform is just that: a link to your survey! You can send the survey link directly to respondents via your own email platform, add the link to your website, or even grab the link QR code and add it to posters or receipts that customers receive.

Keep in mind that link surveys are anonymous by default, so you won’t know who filled out your survey from the link platform. You do have the option to pass properties using the link, which we will talk about more in a later module.

To create a link, navigate to the Platforms page by clicking Survey people and choose Set up in the Link platform tile. You will then pass through the normal steps of creating and customizing your survey (as detailed in Module 5).

As soon as your survey is ready, you’ll be taken to a This is your link page, where a unique URL is generated. No matter how much you edit your survey, this link will not change! Simply copy and post the URL anywhere you need it. You can also grab separate URLs for each specific score or scale point inside a survey.

To test your Link survey, paste the link into your browser and answer the survey yourself. It's best to use a fresh browser or to go incognito when testing. This helps avoid any cookie-based issues or the potential of accidentally overwriting a previous response.

You can also generate a QR code so customers can access your survey via printed marketing materials with a smartphone camera. To download a QR code for your survey, simply choose your desired file type — PNG or SVG — from the Link platform settings page, and voila. The QR code, once scanned, will redirect respondents to their default browser, which will display their survey.

The Kiosk Platform

And now to our next survey distribution platform, Kiosks.

Delighted Kiosks allow you to collect point-of-service customer feedback in real-time from a tablet or other mobile device. Easy to deploy with the Delighted Kiosk app, you can place kiosks in physical locations or you can carry the survey with you into the field.

The Kiosk App resets questions after 10 seconds of inactivity, so the kiosk is always ready for the next customer. You’re also able to set up multiple Kiosks within the same survey project, so that you can capture unique information from each, such as a downtown location and a flagship location.

To deploy Kiosk surveys once they’ve been set up, you’ll want to download the Delighted Kiosk app onto your tablet or mobile device. From there, navigate to the appropriate Kiosk settings page from the platforms page, and either scan the QR code or enter the unique survey code to pull up the Kiosk on your device. And you’re all set! Your app is now ready to display your survey and help you capture that point-in-time feedback.

The SDK Platform

Finally, we have the SDK platform.

Delighted’s SDK allows you to survey users of your iOS mobile apps while they’re using the app, allowing you to unlock a degree of contextual feedback that is miles beyond what was historically possible with traditional email surveys. With SDK surveys, you meet your customers where they are most likely to be interacting with you, your products, and your brand. 

iOS SDK surveys can be configured, updated, and analyzed with minimal engineering help as things move along. You can customize the questions, colors, logos, and styles, all from your Delighted account and without development assistance. You’ll also be able to preview the SDK survey on your mobile device without having to add any code!

When you’re ready to deploy, you can share our SDK guide with your development team. It contains resources such as: 

  • Code Libraries
  • Documentation for developers
  • Tutorials
  • Code samples, and
  • Debugging tools

The Delighted SDK is fully native with support for Swift and Objective-C, providing broad compatibility and a fully native interface. This resource is available on the Help Center!

The Metrics tab

Now that you know all about the different distribution platforms available with Delighted, you might be curious how you can track the engagement metrics that each platform receives. How many people have seen your web survey? How many people have answered your SMS survey? And how many people have left a comment on your email survey?

As responses roll in, track the effectiveness of your multi-platform campaigns by clicking the Metrics tab in your Dashboard and selecting the tabs for the various distribution platforms that you’ve added to your mix. Each platform has its own unique Metrics to track. For example, Web survey metrics include the number of impressions, the response rate, and the percentage of your respondents that have commented.

You’re now over halfway to becoming a Delighted expert! We’ll see you soon for the next module.

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