What are Additional Questions?

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Understanding Additional Questions at Delighted

Delighted’s "Additional Questions" feature allows you to include up to 10 different questions in a single survey flow. The question types include:

  • Free response
  • Scale
  • Select one option
  • Select many options

With Additional Questions, you're able to layer in up to 10 fully customizable questions after your default survey question (i.e. after the score and comment page). 

With these additional questions at your fingertips, your team will have the ability to ask the follow-up questions to expand on the customer's earlier response – such as requesting location details, providing a pre-defined list of potential issues the customer encountered, and much more.

Common ways customers use Additional Questions

Add a question with predefined options
Comment rates looking a bit low? Consider including a question with a handful of predefined answers. Let your customers provide that crucial rationale for their score, without having to type out long-form comments.


Create your own scale
Transitioning to one of our core survey types (NPS, CES, CSAT, 5-star), but still want to keep one or two questions you've historically included in your other surveys? Try creating your own scale! This is a great way to replicate other survey formats, such as matrix and likert-type questions.


Add in another free form question
The comments collected in the standard survey flow are extremely important – they give context to your customer's score and net experience. However, if you need to ask more pointed questions (ex. "What's one new feature you'd like to see us offer?" or "Where can we focus our attention to improve your experience?") you can now layer in multiple free form questions!


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