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Gladly integration overview

Delighted’s Gladly integration automatically syncs feedback from Delighted Templates to matching profiles in Gladly and allows you to create tasks based on responses received in Delighted.

Premium integration

The Gladly integration is a premium feature, which means it is only available on certain plan levels. For more information, check out our Pricing page.

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How the Gladly integration works

Once a survey response is received, the integration will run a look-up for a matching Customer Profile in Gladly based on the respondent’s email address. Once a match is found, all response data will be added as an entry on the Gladly Customer Timeline. This entry will include all response details like score, comment, properties, and answers to any Additional Questions.

If you’ve configured rules to create Tasks in Gladly based on the responses received, these will trigger when qualifying responses are submitted in Templates. The tasks will be due based on the settings you’ve established for the integration (ex. in 12 hours or in 1 day).

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Setting up the Gladly integration

Head to the Integration tab and choose Gladly.
In a separate tab on your browser, go to Gladly and sign into your account.
Open up the menu in the top left-hand corner of the page.
Click on “Integrations” and choose “API Tokens.”
Click “Add Token” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
Copy the generated token to your clipboard.
Head back to the Delighted CX Gladly integration page.
Type your organization’s Gladly domain under the “Your organization's Gladly domain” field (ex.
Type your Gladly agent email address under the “Your Gladly agent email” field.
Paste the token you copied in step six under the “Your Gladly API token” field.
Click on “Connect to Gladly.”
The page should refresh.
Optional: Click “Add a new rule” and add conditions for creating a Task in Gladly.
Click “Save & turn on.”

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Viewing Delighted feedback in Gladly

Once a response is received in Delighted Templates, it is synced to Gladly as an activity on the matching Customer Profile.

This entry will include all core response details, from the score and comment to any properties and answers to Additional Questions.

If you create Tasks in Gladly based on the details of a customer’s response, they’ll appear as below. You can comment on these Task entries, jump back into Delighted to view response details, and view the Task’s due date.

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Setting up tasks in Gladly based on survey responses

In Delighted, head to the Integrations tab and choose Gladly.
Click on “+ Add a new rule.”
Set up the Task condition (ex. All Detractors, All Detractors with Comments, etc.)
Select the Gladly inbox to receive the Task.
Creating any additional rules as needed.
Select the Task relative due date. This is the time your team has to complete a Task that's created and applies to all Tasks created via the integration.
Click on Save changes.

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I just received a response—why is there no activity or Task entry in Gladly?

By default, we include a 10-minute delay between a response being received in Delighted and an activity/task being created in Gladly. This delay ensures that respondents have adequate time to leave comments before syncing responses over to Gladly.

Beyond this delay, the most common reason an activity/task might not be created is tied to the conditions for its creation. For example, if your Gladly integration uses the rule, “Only promoters who comment,” then no activities/tasks will be created unless the response meets that exact specification.

If it looks like there are eligible responses that didn’t sync to Gladly after that 10-minute delay, let us know and we’ll take a look!

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How can my team add context about their follow-up with a customer?

You can add comments directly to Tasks in Gladly, indicating what steps are being taken to address customer feedback.

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How do I navigate from Gladly to Delighted to get more context?

Click on “View details at” on the Task or activity entry to redirect to the Delighted Dashboard.

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Can I trigger Templates sends from Gladly?

Not currently.

However, you can use workflow automation platforms like Zapier to accomplish this! If you’re interested in triggering surveys from within Gladly, send us a note so that we can chat through your use case and alternate workflows.

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