The Segment Integration

Delighted’s Segment integration automatically sends surveys based on events in Segment and syncs associated response data back into your warehouse.

Premium integration

Segment is a premium integration, only available on certain plan levels. See our Pricing page for more information.

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Setting up the Segment integration

  1. Head to the Integrations tab and choose Segment
  2. Click “Enable with Segment”

  1. You’ll be redirected to Segment. When prompted, select a source to connect to Delighted
  2. You’ll be directed back to Delighted. Set up rules to trigger Delighted surveys based on .track() event activity. This event name must match the event name you specify in Delighted exactly
  3. Optional: Check the box to sync response data back to Segment. If you check this box, you will need to grab the Write Key from your Segment account to finalize set-up. (Note: we only sync feedback for responses that originated from requests triggered by Segment)
  4. Click “Save & turn on”

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FAQs: Segment

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Where can I learn more about setting up the Segment integration?

Be sure to review the two key resources hosted by our friends at Segment!

  • Delighted Destination: Resource for setting up the Segment integration to trigger Delighted surveys
  • Delighted Source: Resource for setting up the Segment integration to sync response data to Segment

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Can the Segment integration trigger Web surveys?

Not at this time.

Currently, Delighted’s Segment integration can only trigger Email platform surveys. If you’re interested in the ability to trigger Web surveys via Segment, let us know—we appreciate the feedback!

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Does the Segment integration support Additional Questions?


Before looking for that Additional Response data in your Segment payload, take a moment to first move through this checklist to see if your responses are eligible to be synced back over to Segment:

  • Was the survey originally triggered via the Segment integration?
  • Have you set up the Delighted source in Segment?
  • Have you checked the option for syncing feedback to Segment on the integration page?

If you answered "Yes" to all the above, we will sync Additional Response data collected in Delighted over to your Segment instance. Here's a screenshot of what that raw payload looks like:

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