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Delighted integration overview

Delighted’s Zendesk integration offers the ability to:

  • Create tickets in Zendesk: Automatically create a ticket in Zendesk once a survey response is received, based on conditions that you configure. All tickets will automatically be addressed to the survey respondent, helping to streamline your close loop processes.
  • Sync response data: Automatically sync response data to matching contacts in Zendesk.
  • Trigger Delighted surveys: Automatically send a survey to customers after a ticket is closed or solved, either immediately or after a set delay.

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Setting up the Delighted integration

Head to the Integrations tab and choose Zendesk.
Type in your Zendesk domain name.
Click “Connect to Zendesk.”


You’ll be redirected to Zendesk. When prompted, click “Allow” to grant Delighted access to your Zendesk account.
You’ll be directed back to Delighted.
Optional: Click “Add a rule” to create a rule for creating Zendesk tickets based on survey responses. Add as many rules as you’d like.
Optional: Click on the checkbox for “Sync Delighted responses with people in Zendesk.”
Optional: Click on the checkbox for “Send a Delighted survey automatically” and select the ticket status and delay to use when triggering surveys.
Click "Save & turn on."

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Viewing synced tickets in Zendesk

Synced tickets will have the subject line “A survey you took for [project name],” with the ticket requester being the survey respondent.

Once opened, the full ticket will show the synced feedback, including the score, comment, and any properties passed over, as a private note on the ticket. This note will not be visible to the customer when responding.

We also attach a few tags to each ticket: one called “Delighted,” and one for the score group (like “Promoter”). You can use these tags to set up workflows in Zendesk.

If you enable the option to sync responses to Zendesk, we’ll sync the response to the User record, which will show their most recent Delighted score as a tag. For example, see an image of the tag that is added from a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down survey below.

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What properties are passed from Zendesk when triggering surveys?

The following properties are passed to Delighted from Zendesk when surveys are triggered:

  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket URL
  • Ticket Via
  • Assignee Name
  • Requester ID
  • Ticket Tags

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I just received a response—why am I not seeing a new ticket in Zendesk?

By default, we include a 10-minute delay between a response being received in Delighted and a ticket being created in Zendesk. This delay ensures that respondents have adequate time to leave comments before syncing responses over to Zendesk.

Beyond this delay, the most common reason a message might not be sent is tied to the conditions for ticket creation. For example, if your Zendesk integration uses the rule, “Only promoters who comment,” then no tickets will be created unless the Delighted response meets that exact specification.

Be sure to check your rules and recent responses to see if there are any eligible responses that should create a ticket. If it looks like there are eligible responses that didn’t trigger a ticket, let us know and we’ll take a look!

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Can I sync SMS platform responses to Zendesk?


You can sync responses to SMS surveys over to Zendesk. However, the responses must be associated with an email address for the user record to be recognized in Zendesk. For example, if you are uploading a CSV of phone numbers, you must also include a column header for the email field so the address can be identified.

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