Expanding your CX program

The Customer Experience (CX) is the sum total of each and every step in a customer's journey. Consistently monitoring, improving, and evolving each step in that journey is imperative for building a competitive CX program.

If you're monitoring a single metric, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), you're already headed in the right direction! However, lets say you're measuring NPS 30 days after a customer's transaction. While you might have an 85 NPS derived from your post-purchase feedback, you'll still be left in the dark for so many other pivotal moments in the customer journey.

  • What's the quality of customer support being delivered? 
  • Do customers find the in-app features helpful? 
  • Are quarterly business reviews yielding actionable insights?

Think of "CX" as a control panel with a series of controls and sliders. Each customer touchpoint, ranging from onboarding all the way to churn, has its own independent drivers. While you're at the helm of that control panel, you also get to dictate what it looks like (i.e. what key customer touch points you are you tracking, monitoring and listening to on a regular basis). The goal of every Delighted CX program should be two fold:

  1. Identify, track and prioritize each customer touchpoint
  2. Maximize sentiment at each and every customer touchpoint
Just as your company and CX program is constantly improving, so is the Delighted platform! Check out our Release Notes to stay on top of all of the new functionality, integrations, and products that we’re releasing so you never miss an update.

How Can We Help?

With a toolbox of Delighted features at your fingertips, there are plenty of ways to go about expanding your program. But identifying the next best touchpoint to add to your control panel (and how to go about rolling that touchpoint live to customers), can be daunting.

Our Concierge team specializes in program expansion stage two implementations. If you're keen, lets set up a call—think of it as a personalized consultation, with a guided roll out to help with measuring and tracking customer feedback at a new touchpoint! 

Fire us a note and we can schedule up a call!

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