Preventing fallout from Passives and Detractors

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Critical feedback is inevitable. As you continue to expand your NPS program, you’ll eventually hear from folks who range from largely satisfied with a few minor issues, to customers who are on the edge of no longer being a customer.

This feedback will ultimately provide you and your team with the key insights needed to close the loop with customers and resolve their concerns. However, for Passives and Detractors, you want to avoid potentially upsetting these customers with Thank You page messaging that is poorly targeted.

Setting up different Thank You pages based on score keeps all of your messaging, as well as call-to-actions, contextually sensitive. You can avoid making a bad situation much worse by spending time fine-tuning these pages. Here are a few examples:

Lead with an apology (when necessary)

Pretty straightforward, but often overlooked. Detractors (and some Passives) are clearly not satisfied with their experience, so its helpful to take a moment to recognize that dissatisfaction.

Including a brief apology in the “Message” field can help convey a sense of empathy and ownership of any issues. Getting Passive and Detractor Thank You messaging dialed in can help any follow-up conversations start on the right foot.

Indicate the gears are in motion

Responding to surveys can often feel like dropping feedback into a blackhole. In most cases, customers expect to never hear back from a company, or will have little to no idea on when they might be reaching out.

Use the Thank You page to provide an expectation of when Passives and Detractors can expect a follow-up from your team (ex. “We’ll be in touch within 48 hours to chat about your experience”).

Providing a clear timeframe offers reassurance that any surfaced issues are being addressed, and that a follow-up is in the works. An understanding of impending support contact can help limit respondents, Detractors in particular, from sharing any negative feedback with others.

Providing an escalated support contact

Whether using an alert or one of our help desk integrations, you likely already have workflows for following up with Passives and Detractors. However, a lot can happen in between the time you receive a response and the time you follow-up with the customer. For Detractors, that could mean a negative review posted online, or sharing details about their less positive experience with their colleagues.

By providing a support touchpoint for Passives and Detractors, customers now have a direct line to immediately start the discussion related to their feedback. Additionally, providing an indication that the contact point is an elevated support team member can offer added reassurance that the feedback has been taken seriously.

Be sure to apply your own approach and brand voice when customizing these pages. By spending time personalizing your Thank You pages, you can ensure your customers feel appreciated for providing feedback(motivating them to respond again next time!) and also have the details they need for those next steps.

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