The Email Digest

The Email digest is an email message sent to each Delighted user on a regular basis that highlights your current CX metric breakdown and curated feedback.

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Adjusting Email digest frequency

To adjust the frequency of your Email digest, click on the Account button in the top right-hand corner of the page and click “Email digest.” From there, choose your desired frequency from the following options:

  • Daily: Daily digests are sent early in the morning and highlight the previous day’s responses
  • Weekly (default): Weekly digests are sent early on Monday morning and highlight the previous week's responses
  • Monthly: Monthly digests are sent early in the morning on the first of each month and highlight the previous month’s responses

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Changing digest frequency for individual projects

To adjust the digest frequency for a single project, or multiple projects:

  1. Click on the Account menu
  2. Click the option for Email digest
  3. Click “Adjust digest frequency for individual projects”
  4. Choose the desired digest frequency for each project
  5. Click “Save changes”

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Altering digest frequency for other users

Each user has the ability to adjust their own digest frequency, including the ability to disable digests. It is not currently possible to adjust the frequency with which another user receives the Email digest.

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Automatically pausing your digest as feedback stops

If you don’t receive any new feedback for a period be covered by the digest (ex. your digest sends weekly, but you didn’t receive any feedback last week), we’ll automatically pause your digest.

We'll resume the digest as soon as new feedback starts coming in again.

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