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Introducing the Email digest

An Email digest is sent to each CX user on a regular basis — providing a quick pulse of their customer feedback. (See Email digests: The easiest way to stay on top of feedback from the Delighted blog.)

Each email highlights the current core metric score, breaks down the responses in a bar chart, and provides a selection of curated feedback. Let's detail the core components:

1 Digest title Highlights the name of the Project or Trend associated with the digest. If you have created multiple digests for your Trends, the titles will help tell them apart!
2 Rolling metric Displays your current metric. The calculation is based on your survey time window setting, not the digest frequency
3 Metrics summary

Highlights five metrics, summarized across all distribution platforms, and how they have changed since the digest was last sent:

  • Score
  • Surveys sent
  • Responses (count)
  • Response rate
  • Comment rate

Note that the Metrics summary is not included in Trend-specific digests

4 New responses Curated responses, along with comments, since the last digest was sent
5 Permalink Curious to learn more about the response? Click the name/email field and jump to the associated Permalink page
6 Trend information Shares feedback for specific Trends that you've identified — along with a brief summary of changing Trend metrics (ex. "17 new promoters...")
7 Other updates Includes new users that have joined your Delighted account and new projects that have been created since the digest was last sent

Adjusting Email digest frequency

To adjust the frequency of Email digests, click the "Account" button and select “Email digest.” From there, choose your desired frequency. (Be sure to "Save" your changes to make them stick.)

Daily Sent early in the morning and highlights the previous day’s responses
Weekly (default) Sent early Monday morning and highlights the previous week's responses
Monthly Sent early in the morning on the first of each month and highlights the previous month’s responses
Never:  Will pause the designated Email digests

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Changing digest frequency

To adjust the digest frequency for Delighted CX projects:

Click "Account"
Select "Email digests"
Scroll down to "CX digests" → and adjust the frequency of the digest for each project
Click “Save changes”

A user must adjust their own Email Digests

Each individual user has the ability to:

  • Adjust the frequencies of their Email digests for:
    • CX projects
    • Trends
  • Disable digests by selecting "Never" as the frequency setting

It is not possible to adjust digest frequencies for another user.

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To start receiving digests with responses from a specific Trend in one of your projects:

Click "Account"
Select "Email digest"
Scroll down and pick “Create new digest" → as seen under "Trend digests"
Choose the desired "Project," "Trend," and "Frequency" for each digest
Click “Save changes”

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Inviting non-Delighted users to receive digests

You can invite team members who are not Delighted Users to receive the Email digest.

To add a recipient:

Click “Account”
Click “Email digest”
Scroll down to “Digest recipients”
Type in the recipient email address → (or multiple addresses, separate by commas)
Select the "Project" and the frequency they should receive the digest. (Note: If you select “None,” they will not receive a digest for that project)
Click “Save changes”

A word about user rights

Any admin user can add new digest recipients and update the digest frequency for existing recipients. Standard and Limited users can view the list of recipients but cannot edit it. Recipients will also have the ability to unsubscribe from the Digest, and if they do, they will be removed from your list of recipients.

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Digests pause automatically if feedback stops

After a period of inactivity, CX will pause sending your email digests. You must also receive at least one comment and/or an answer to an Additional question during the selected time frame to trigger a new digest.

You'll receive a notification letting you know about this automatic pause.

The Email digest starts back up again as soon as feedback (and a new comment) arrives!

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Displaying Additional Question responses in the Email digest

If you're using the "Skip comment" feature to skip right from the primary metric question to Additional Questions in your survey, up to two Additional Question answers will automatically appear in each Email digest response. 

No action is needed on your part—we'll show these on any response for which the comment question was skipped!

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