Maximizing your Promoter feedback

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Your Promoters are your most vocal advocates. Beyond simple satisfaction, Promoters are actively recommending your brand/product, increasing their annual spend, and generally solidifying themselves as long-term, loyal customers.

Once your Promoters hit the Thank You page, there is a great opportunity to pick up that momentum and start a new conversation. Are your Promoters interested in referring a friend? Open to leaving additional testimonials? Leverage your Promoter's enthusiasm by providing them a way to take action and advocate for your brand. Here are some example Thank You pages for Promoters:

Routing to an external review page

When Promoters leave additional positive feedback, such as on an external review site, you’re essentially receiving cost-free promotion. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your Promoters share their experience in a forum that could potentially attract new customers. Setting up your Thank You page to route to an external review site is a great way to stir-up new business.

Redirect to an internal referral page

Many companies have an internal referral page that customers can visit to invite friends, family, and colleagues to share their experience with the company. Since your Promoters are already enthusiastic about their experience, why not provide a direct path to your referral page? Use the Thank You page to provide them with a clear and direct path to refer others.

Mailto referral

Don’t currently have a referral page, but still interested in having your Promoters refer a friend? Using a mailto in the Link URL field is a great way to call your Promoters to action with a preassembled email message. 

The above mailto: would open up the following email, just requiring the Promoter to fill in the "to" field:

Interested in putting together a mailto for your Thank You page? Let us know, we’re happy to help!

Leveraging your Promoters for referrals and additional testimonials is just the first step. In the next section, we’ll cover how to best create messaging for Passive and Detractors, as well as provide them with direct contact points for easing their concerns.

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