Why should I run an eNPS survey?

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Employee surveys are often lengthy, overly complicated, and skimmed over by team members. The result? Less engagement overall, and an assortment of employee feedback with no meaningful or actionable insight. eNPS flips that experience completely.

From the more streamlined survey experience, to the unbiased open-ended comment section, eNPS surveys provide a range of key advantages above traditional employee surveys. See below for a few benefits you can expect from your eNPS survey.

Increased survey participation

One of the central issues with traditional employee surveys is their length and time investment. Often occurring quarterly or biannually, these surveys typically contain pages and pages of questions. Surveys of this length can take upwards of 30 minutes or more to complete. As a result, traditional surveys often result in survey fatigue, where employees either don’t complete the survey or finish it in a rush.

eNPS offers a simple, lightweight solution to those common issues. With eNPS, employees respond to two quick questions, and often finish in just a handful of minutes. With this frictionless approach, you’ll get more engagement, higher quality feedback, and a more accurate representation of your overall employee sentiment.

Insight into employee loyalty

Employees who are loyal Promoters will continually go above and beyond to deliver exceptional work. eNPS will help you surface feedback related to what makes the Promoter experience with your company so stellar.

By listening to your Promoters, you’ll learn where you’re excelling and how you can replicate that experience for the rest of your employees.

Reduced turnover

Identify and address dissatisfied employees before they pack their bags. eNPS gives your less satisfied employees a forum to express their honest, unbiased thoughts on where you’re missing the mark. By following up with employees and making systemic changes based on their feedback, you have a greater likelihood of reducing attrition.

Less turnover equals less money spent with hiring and onboarding process, as well as the ability to remove costs associated with unfilled positions (ex. loss of productivity, etc.)

Higher quality customer experiences

Your team is the face of your company. They’ll have countless interactions with your customers every day. Would you really want an employee who selected a 0 on their NPS survey to be on the front lines with your customers? Do you think Detractors will go that extra mile for customer satisfaction?

Making sure your employees are happy and on their way to being Promoters is key in delivering great customer experiences. Your best Promoter employees will often create your most loyal Promoter customers. Enthusiasm is contagious – happy employees equal happy customers!

As you can tell from the topics covered above, eNPS significantly outpaces traditional employee surveys when it comes to engagement, quality of feedback, and actionability. Ready to get started? In our next section, we’ll cover a few quick ways to get up and running.

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