eNPS overview

Are your employees happy? Employees who are engaged and challenged with their position are more likely to refer other top-tier talent, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and generally engage in more high-quality, productive work. So how do you identify those satisfied team members, as well as address those a bit less content with their position?

Employee NPS (eNPS) offers all the same benefits you've come to expect from customer-facing NPS surveys. Simple, unbiased, and a clear indicator loyalty to your brand. For customer-facing NPS, a high NPS typically means higher levels of annual spending, increased word of mouth referrals, stronger retention rates, and other key benefits.

The advantages of eNPS are often very similar. Employees who are Promoters will likely stay with your company longer, refer other colleagues to join the team, as well as engage in more thoughtful and efficient work. In summary, your eNPS Promoters will drive your company's growth and be enthusiastic about the work they're doing.

Your Detractors, on the other hand, will offer key insight into where you might be able to improve. Ranging from issues with a manager to dissatisfaction with their benefits package, eNPS hands the microphone to your employees and takes a step back. eNPS allows you to get true unbiased and actionable feedback directly from the team.

In this guide, we'll cover:
  • What is eNPS?
  • Advantages for running an eNPS survey
  • Fine-tuning the Delighted survey for eNPS
  • Best practices for eNPS with Delighted
Lets get started with surveying your team!

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