When should I use 5-star surveys?

5-star surveys are most often sent directly following a specific action or interaction with a brand and/or product.

You’ll often see a 5-star survey after a retail transaction, sales interaction, or following a specific service. One great example is the post-ride survey you get on your phone, right after you hop out of a Lyft or Uber.

A key benefit with the 5-star system is the versatility. Whereas surveys like NPS, CES and CSAT are more strictly focused on certain underlying outcomes (ex. gauging customer loyalty for NPS, customer effort for CES, etc.), the 5-star survey can be deployed with wide-ranging customization and in a multitude of different situations.

Reach out to us to explore if the 5-star survey might be a good fit!

Already using another survey type?

If you're already using another survey type, whether NPS or otherwise, you can always add on another Delighted instance for 5-star surveys via Projects. Learn more about expanding your CX program with 5-star surveys and Projects.

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