What are 5-star surveys?

Delighted’s 5-star rating system provides a super lightweight, easy-to-understand, and flexible platform for surveying your customers.

The Survey Flow

The star rating system allows respondents to rank their feedback on a 5-point scale (1 – 5). The more stars that are selected, the more positively your customer is responding to that particular question.

For example, if asking “How friendly was your support experience with Delighted?”, the 5-star scale would be interpreted as:

  • 5 stars: Very friendly
  • 4 stars: Above average friendliness
  • 3 stars: Friendly
  • 2 stars: Below average friendliness
  • 1 stars: Very unfriendly

The Power of 5-star Surveys

5-star surveys offer a unique, yet highly powerful, feedback methodology because they can accommodate a wider range of questions than typical CSAT and NPS formats, while still maintaining the benefits of a frictionless, quickly completed survey experience.

The NPS Survey Experience

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