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Passing the Delighted Intro Message special property will update the intro message field of Delighted’s Email-based surveys (directly above the survey question). Note, this special property is not applicable to either Web or SMS platforms.

What it looks like as a property


Column header titled "Delighted Intro Message"




N/A (Web surveys do not include an intro message field)



What survey area the property updates

Delighted Email Subject will update the intro message field of any Email-based survey:

Important note:

  • The intro message has a 300 character limit

Example use case #1

Include context for outreach

Sometimes your customers might have a hard time remembering the specific products they purchased, transaction triggering the survey, or how they use your application (particularly important in B2B and SaaS). Including a bit more specific detail in the intro message can help better contextualize why you’re reaching out.

For example, an eCommerce company might include the product purchased in each intro message - providing strong context and refreshing the memory of those being contacted. Lets says Jim purchased Hem & Stitch’s “Oxford Shirt”, whereas Jessica bought “London Shoes”. The intro message parameters, if sent via API, might look something like this:


properties[delighted_intro_message]=How was your recent Oxford Shirt purchase?


properties[delighted_intro_message]=How was your recent London Shoes purchase?

Example use case #2

Personalize the experience

Similar to the subject line, you can also use the intro message to layer in a bit of personalization to the survey copy. As folks recognize the personal touch in the survey, they’ll be more likely to engage the survey and offer their sincere feedback. Using the same example above of Jim and Jessica, the new intro messages might read:


properties[delighted_intro_message]=Hi Jim! How was your recent purchase?


properties[delighted_intro_message]=Hi Jessica! How was your recent purchase?

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