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Below you’ll find a few questions we hear frequently about our Web platform, and our best answers and resources.

Can I test out the survey without it being live?

Yes. You can add ?delighted=test to the end of any page URL where you have included the snippet. Appending the URL with this parameter will force the survey to show - regardless of throttling or sampling. Note, this will only impact your view of the page and survey.

In addition to the process noted above, we do offer a parameter that will allow you to continually show the survey:

delighted.isTest = true

This parameter will allow you to test and force a Web display, without appending the URL each time. We suggest only using this parameter in very specific situations, as it will otherwise display to everyone if in a production environment.

How do I pass information about the people being surveyed?

You can pass details about folks you’re surveying via properties. Properties allow you to segment your feedback, identifying key subsets and details that impact customer sentiment.

Within your JavaScript, you’ll simply need to include the property name and the value: { key: value }. You can pass an unlimited amount of properties our way.

For example, if passing Customer ID and Location, you might structure the JavaScript similar to:

{ customerId: 123, location: USA }

Can I control who sees the survey and how often?

Yes. Using our default configuration options, you can specify who is surveyed (ex. new vs. returning visitors) and how often (ex. recurring every 3 months).

If you have more specific requirements for triggering (i.e. other than the configurations we offer by default), you can also create your own script to call the Delighted function: delighted.survey() based on more unique requirements.

Are cookies considered for surveying?

Yes. Delighted requires cookies to be enabled in order to determine when a survey should be displayed. The Web snippet will automatically check that cookies are supported prior to running.

Is the throttle global across Web and Email?

Yes. Delighted’s throttle will prevent the display of Web surveys, or submission of Email surveys, if we identify that person has been recently surveyed within your throttle period.

As long as you’re passing an email through the JavaScript, we’ll be able to throttle anyone from being over-surveyed.

Can I change the placement of the survey on the page?

Not currently. The present placement, towards the bottom of the page, helps avoid interrupting a visitor’s navigation around your site. Additionally, avoiding top or side placement on the page will help accidentally covering any key content and/or navigational features.

Can I track the number of impressions the Web snippet is receiving?

Absolutely! You can view all details associated with your Web platform’s performance in your account’s Metrics page. We’ll detail how many times the survey has been shown, the total number of responses, and the total number of comments.

How can I see detailed information about why the survey is or isn't showing?

The best way to see detailed information regarding the Delighted Web survey, as well as any associated events/errors, is to use your browser's JavaScript console. Within the console, you'll be able to determine what events are occurring with the snippet (ex. sampling, throttling, etc.) and how that impacts the display. For details on accessing the console via Chrome, see their guide on Using the Console.

How long will you display the Thank You page?

If there is no custom text within the Thank You page fields, we'll display the default Thank You message for a few seconds. If there is custom text wtihin the Thank You page fields, we'll display the Thank You page until the "X" icon is clicked. We leave the Thank You page displayed to ensure folks have time to review your copy and engage any call-to-action link you've added.

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