What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is a proven methodology for understanding customer happiness through firsthand feedback.

The Survey Flow

NPS surveys being with the carefully crafted question: “How likely are you to recommend [YOUR COMPANY/PRODUCT] to a friend?”

Respondents provide their answer on a scale of 0 – 10:

  • Promoters: 9 – 10
  • Passives: 7 – 8
  • Detractors: 0 – 6

After providing a score, respondents go on and respond to a freeform follow up question. This allows a recipient to provide context for their rating. Your NPS numerical value is the “what”, the textual feedback is the “why”.

The Power of NPS

Net Promoter Score provides customers with a frictionless way to provide feedback in their own words. By closing the loop with customers and sharing NPS feedback, leaders can drive change throughout their organization. This includes product improvements, team training, pricing adjustments, and more. Additionally, NPS as a metric can offer sharp insight into areas of customer value, referral potential, customers headed for churn, and much more.

The NPS Survey Experience

0 – 10 Score

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