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How can I survey people via Email on a recurring basis?

Use Autopilot!

Visit the Autopilot page in the Distribution Platforms & Sending section of the Help Center to learn about this recurring survey feature.

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Can I add more than one question to my project?

Yes, certainly.

After setting up your survey initially, you can add up to 10 additional questions to your survey flow! Your extra questions will follow the dedicated metric question (ex. NPS, CES, or CSAT) and the follow-up open-ended comment prompt. Read more in our article on Additional Questions in the Help Center. 

If you're not yet seeing the option to add Additional Questions, make sure that you've finished the initial project set-up!

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Can I export data from my project to other platforms for further analysis?

Of course!

Visit the Exporting Data page in the Reporting & Analytics section of the Help Center to learn how to export data to applications such as Excel, SPSS, or QualtricsXM.

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Can I add additional users to my Delighted account?


Learn how by visiting Accounts & User Types page in the Accounts & Billing section of the Help Center. Also, check out the first module of our Admin Training & Certification course which is entirely dedicated to this topic. 

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Can I change my project's question type?

Once a project has been set up, it's not possible to change the question type as it would mix methodologies which rely on unique scale-point options. Merging data would invalidate the study and throw the metrics into a tizzy. 

For example, an NPS survey returning data on an 11-point scale (isolating "Promoters," "Passives," and "Detractors") cannot be pushed into a 5-point CSAT survey (segmenting the "Satisfied" from the "Dissatisfied"). The former is a loyalty metric, the latter is a satisfaction metric.

Read more in our  Help Center here.

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How do I add, edit, and delete people from my list of recipients?

It's easy!

If you want to send a survey via email to a group of people, check out One-Time Sends. You can schedule recurring surveys with Autopilot, or using one of our Integrations. For sending from our other distribution platforms, check out that section of the Help Center.

Also, review video Module 7: Investigating people and platform metrics from our Admin training program. Jump to minute 4:40 and watch to the end of the video.

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What administration and security features are available in Delighted?

Learn about account administration and security by visiting Sections 9 and 10 in the Help Center. 

Learn the details in our Admin Training course!

Learn all about Accounts, Billing, Security, and Privacy with our Admin Training & Certification course. If you are an account Admin, it's well worth your time. 

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Where can I learn about best practices?

Continue learning Delighted by jumping to section 11. Best Practices in the Help Center. You can also reach out to our Customer Concierge team by sending a note to

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Where do I Sign out or Log out of my account?

To securely sign out of Delighted:

Click "Account"

Click "Sign out"

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