Can I change my Template type?

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Can I change my Template type and start over?

It depends. Which description best fits your situation?

1 I am creating a new Template — and I've changed my mind
 → ex. I started the project with NPS—but I want to switch to CSAT or CES
2 My survey is already collecting feedback! Can I change my question type now?
 → ex. My NPS results are rolling in — but I now want CSAT results instead

1. I am creating a new Template — and I've changed my mind

If you haven't collected feedback, the answer is an easy one. Just switch out your Template's survey type — but only before you pick your distribution platform!

To switch survey types: 

Click "Create a new template" → from the dropdown menu
Pick a survey type → and if your change your mind . . . 
. . . select “Choose a different survey type" → seen near the top of the page
Did you select your distribution platform already? Ouch . . .

Selecting your distribution platform is the point of no return. Jump to #2 below to see how to delete the Template and start over.

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2. My survey is collecting feedback! Can I change my question type?

Sadly, no.

Changing the format from one survey methodology to another will invalidate the data that has already been collected, so it's not possible. For example, an NPS survey with a 0-10 scale can't merge into a CSAT project with a 1-5 scale. (It's the classic 'square peg - round hole' dilemma.)

  • Your best option is to delete the old Template and create a new Template with your new question type! 
Remember, if you choose to delete a Template, all your data will disappear with it! (See Deleting Templates.)

To delete or remove a Template and start over: 

Open the Templates dropdown menu
Choose the “Gear” icon → to the right of the Template's name
Choose “Delete this Template” → at the bottom of the Edit Template window
Verify your decision by clicking “Delete this template”
Create a new Template! (See Creating and Previewing Templates)

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