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Can I send to a batch of immediately immediately, and then load them into Autopilot for recurring surveys?

Yes. Using a combination of  One-Time Surveys and Autopilot, you can send immediately, and then recur surveys to those folks at the frequency you select. Here's the full process:

  1. Head to the one-time survey page
  2. Upload your CSV/Excel file
  3. Send
  4. Head back to the Autopilot page
  5. Upload the same CSV/Excel file

Since Autopilot is based on the last sent timestamp, people surveyed with the above method would be surveyed immediately (via steps 1-3), and then set to recur via Autopilot (via steps 4-5).

Can I add people to Autopilot via API?

Not presently. The best approach for streamlining adding people to Delighted would be one of the following methods:

Mimic Autopilot

Send back-to-back requests to Delighted's  Sending Endpoint, each including an increasingly longer delay parameter. This would effectively schedule surveys in the future. You can also always delete pending requests as needed (ex. in the case of churn).

API + Zapier

Many customers will integrate with Zapier, sending a one-time survey request, while also adding all those triggering the Zap to a Google Sheet. At the end of each week, they'll download that CSV from Google Sheets, and upload as a One-Time Survey to Autopilot. The automation with Zapier helps make it super easy to send a one-time survey immediately, and then load folks into an easy-to-download CSV file for uploading to Zapier. 

Note, you can also simply set-up a Zap to add folks to a Google sheet if you'd prefer they not be sent a survey immediately, but, instead, scheduled out over time via Autopilot. For more details on setting up a Zap with Zapier, see our FAQ for the integration.

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