The Zapier Integration

Delighted’s Zapier integration allows you to quickly and easily connect Delighted with hundreds of other apps in automated workflows. There are two main reasons to connect Zapier with Delighted:

  • Trigger surveys: Automatically trigger survey sends based on events in another platform
  • Sync responses: Automatically sync response data back to another platform

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Setting up the Zapier integration

  1. Head to the Integrations tab and choose Zapier
  2. Copy your Delighted API key to your clipboard

  1. Head to Zapier and log in
  2. Create a zap, pasting your API key when requested

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Create a zap

Zapier provides a great tutorial for creating a Zap here.

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Common zaps with Delighted

  • Record Delighted survey responses in a Google Sheets spreadsheet: Use this Zap
  • Save Delighted survey responses as notes in Intercom: Use this Zap
  • Share Delighted survey responses in Slack: Use this Zap
  • Update Intercom users from completed Delighted surveys: Use this Zap
  • Update Geckoboard text from Delighted survey responses: Use this Zap
  • Send new Intercom contacts a Delighted survey: Use this Zap
  • Send new MailChimp subscribers a Delighted survey: Use this Zap
  • Send new Delighted surveys from Zendesk tickets: Use this Zap
  • Send Delighted sentiment survey to follow up on new Nearby Now reviews: Use this Zap
  • Send new HubSpot contacts a Delighted survey: Use this Zap
  • See more Delighted integrations powered Zapier here.

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FAQs: Zapier

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I only want to trigger a zap based on a specific score type, but don't have access to Zapier's filters. What do I do?

Zapier can trigger an action based on receipt of a webhook, and Delighted’s webhooks can be configured to fire only based on certain conditions being met (like detractors only). As a result, you can sidestep the need to create a filter in Zapier by creating a webhook in Delighted, setting specific rules for that webhook, and catching the webhook via Zapier.

To do this, create a zap that begins with the “catch webhook” trigger, and enter that URL when creating your Delighted webhook.

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My zap is firing, but no comments are being synced over. Why isn’t it working?

Most of Delighted’s integrations include a 10-minute delay between a score being submitted and data being synced to its final destination to give the respondent time to enter a comment. We recommend building a similar delay into your zap to make sure that response data includes the entire response when synced to your final destination!

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