Who is NPS for?

NPS is a key metric for anyone who wants to understand how delighted people are with their product, service, or organization. It works for the brick and mortar business that wants to make sure their customers are getting the personalized service they expect. It works for the fast growing company that wants to ensure their experience remains world class while they grow. It works for the charity who needs every dollar to translate into direct impact.

Looking to ramp up referrals from your most vocal advocates? Trying to identify at-risk customers prior to churn? Looking for high-quality customer feedback to help drive organizational changes?

NPS surveys can help provide key customer insight in the above situations, as well as countless others. Additionally, NPS is scalable to all business levels. Whether a local retail shop, or international eCommerce company, the NPS metric can help bring powerful customer sentiment to the table.

Companies like Apple, JetBlue, Zappos, American Express, Four Seasons and countless others not only measure NPS, but often use it as catalyst for making many strategic decisions.

Here are a few well-known companies and their NPS:

  1. USAA (Insurance): 80
  2. Costco: 78
  3. Apple (iPhone): 70
  4. Amazon: 69
  5. Southwest Airlines: 66
  6. Verizon: 32
  7. Walgreens: 25
  8. T-Mobile: 6
  9. United Airlines: 2
  10. Motel 6: -9
Source: 2013 Bain & Company, Inc

When considering your own NPS, we encourage you to focus on the relative change over time and not the absolute number. However, if you'd like to get a general sense of your score in comparison with common verticals, be sure to check out our benchmark tool.

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